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At King Products we set out to make software systems that was affordable, easy to use and have more features than any of tour competitors. We saw a need for a more user friendly Learning Management solution for the Joomla CMS and saw Joomla as offering the best open source platform to connect our innovative new technologies. We want to assure you the very best value in our software products. As a team of veteran PHP developers and programmers we will always strive to provide the best possible customer service and technical support to this end.

Right now out of the box all of our products including our Joomla LMS are guaranteed and backed up by our promise of excellence. We have ambitions plans in our product development road map to take these extensions even further and we always look forward to hearing your feedback on ways we can improve to meet your needs.

If you are a learning management professional or subject matter expert or business owner looking to deploy an affordable Leaning management solution we are confident you will find the LMS King your best choice.

Our team makes great and affordable software but we know it takes more than great software to create a success story and of course we want you to choose our software but we want you to be able to do great things with it too. We have partnered with the CNP Integrations team to help you get the best configuration, advice and other design and content development support to supercharge your Leaning Management project.



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