Reported bugs and Statuses

The following is the list of outstanding reported bugs and their statuses:

Due for release in Version

  1. Added new Style 6 to the components front end.
  2. Adding options to the LMS config page so that admin can customize all the fileds that show in style6


Due for release in Version

  1. Progress bar not working. Not showing correct progress through an exam. Caused by feedback system.
  2. Invalid token showing after timer pause for several minutes.
  3. Fix html showing in tooltips in FireFox
  4. Sef problem with buy now button.
  5. Find and fix, and please explain why you have added another ordering column to the lessoninfo table. it is not in the SQL files.
  6. Fileds list in the certificate page is missing the Full name field from the profile LMS component.  Each form has this field, it is a required field. Not part of the extra fields list. Please add it. Currently there is a field UserName that is the joomla username. Users are mistakingly selecting it as the Full Name field from the profileLMS component.
  7. Some times still it shows In-progress instead of complete. ( might be server time issue - need to investiage and do more and more tests )
  8. Some lessons, even though you start them, stay as Start Now instead of changing to in progress.
  9. Percentage marks on completion for both all at once AND one at a time are incorrect. I get 45%, how can you get a 5% in a 10 question exam.Not a bug. Related to lesson weighting
  10. On the My Certification Paths page, the Pre Requisite Lessons have the same link as the main lesson above it. The pre req lessons should link to THAT lesson, not the main lesson.
  11. On the first question page, there is a big grey area to the right caused by the ajax div.
  12. The button does NOT change to submitting… and And the popup message looks like it has corrupted text in it.
  13. Certificate not being awarded on completion of a weighted Course.
  14. Full redesign of the feedback page when completing an exam.
  15. On end of exam feedback page. Feedback page always shows the feedback for response B
  16. If in a quiz that has feedback, I chose an incorrect answer, I have no way to move forward because the submit button freeze
  17. I've got a SCORM lesson, Exam, and Survey up on the site, but when I take the course as a student: The SCORM Lesson never says "Completed". Is there a trick to getting it to complete, and any trick to get it to move to the next lesson (in this case and exam)?

 Due for release in Version

  1. Purchased message not changing back to a Buy button.When you award a certificate to a user, it has a validity period.When that period has passed, the purchased should change back to a Buy button. So, if the validity period is 1 month, it should change back to a button each month.

 Due for release in Version

  1. Add to Certification edit page, ability to select all users in a Joomla Custom ACL Group.
  2. New progress bar style selection feature per lesson.

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