The Challenges With Online Learning And How To Better Them

Online Education Shows More Promise Among Students

Like every other walk of life, online education is also both matchlessly beneficial, yet a little challenging at the same time. There’s no question about how wonderfully amazing and effective e-courses are proving to be, but knowing about all its challenges will bring us a step closer to making the most of our learning in no time. So, as we take keen interest in learning about the advantages of e-courses, it’s fitting if we also take a look at the challenges one can face from online education and learn how to face and better them. 

Digital divide – the technical backhand we need to make strong

Digital divide no more refers to accessibility to the technology, since it’s not that hard to get your hands on a device that brings the limitless internet to you. But the challenge resides in being able to work your way through the technology. Not all of us are that well-acquaint in the technical know-how, but that can change right? When the courses run with the matchless user-friendliness of learning management system, how hard learning to work with the technology could be? It’ll be a double advantage you should make the most of!  

Staying present – the responsibility of making the best of the course falls on you

The one beneficial restriction of the conventional classroom learning is that it made it necessary for you to be present. While it could be a little inconvenient at times, it always works matchless wonders when it comes to making sure that you’re getting what is served.
When it comes to online courses, the flexibility in the schedules is helpful in most cases, but it can sometime lead to a gap and lenience in the regularity and punctuality. Stick to your schedules, don’t let this happen, and you’ll be just fine. 

Time management – the talent that can amplify your e-learning benefits to multifold.

 When you get the provision of accessing the study material and take the classes at any time, it can lead us to a little mismanagement at times. E-learning allows you to take a schedule as per your convenience, but then it falls upon you to devise a convenient schedule and never fail to stick to it. All you need to do is manage the time of learning and practicing and our problem is solved!

Motivation – the ‘self’ gets some work to do here as well

With the online courses driven by the fabulous functionality of learning management system like Joomla and powered with the engaging interactions with discussions, Q and As, quizzes, and an amazing interface like the internet, staying interested and motivated isn’t that hard if you even try a little.

There’s no good that comes to us easy, but the challenges of the journey of learning are what make the results all the more enjoyable. So, now that we have become well aware of what challenges can come our way in our e-learning, there’s nothing that can keep you from taking the best advantage of your e-courses.

The ABC of learning management system

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Enabling agile learning culture in the increasingly dynamic landscape of business operation has become the mainstream for business success. There is a constant evolution of learning management system with new entrants offering a variety of features and tools. Therefore, organizations are on the lookout for the best in the class learning management system. It is important that the learning management system fulfills the requirement of the businesses. Reaping the benefits from an LMS is dependent on the ability of the organization’s LMS implementation. Provided below are the important commandments that form a foundation for beginning the implementation of an LMS.

  1. An organization will reap benefit from the implementation when the LMS is capable of aligning with the organization’s strategy. It is important that the learning management system emerges as a savior to the immediate need for the business transformation journey.
  2. It is important to keep all the stakeholders involved in decision-making while choosing a relevant LMS. Listening to the business needs is of primary importance in identifying the best in the class learning management system that promises to meet those needs.
  3. Creation of the business requirements document will act as the master book that contains functional and business requirements. It also provides information on the expectations of the end user.
  4. Prioritizing the requirement is also a significant activity. Segregating the requirement and identifying the critical activities of the business will be helpful in giving weight to the user experience, system functionality, and ease of use. The process will be useful in identifying the critical criteria needed for selecting the tool.
  5. Throughout the journey of implementing the learning management system, it is important to revisit the process maps and business requirements document. The master book acts as a guiding principle and helps in prioritizing the requirements and functionalities.
  6. It is also important to evaluate the functionality of the LMS for future integration. The right time to begin the assessment is the beginning of the implementation. Considering the shortlisted tools and their compatibility with other tools used in the organization will be of great help. For example, it is possible to assess the difficulty of integrating the new learning management system with the existing performance tools or the skills training tools. Evaluating the current integration helps him nullifying the impact caused due to the business transformation and new integration of LMS.
  7. Taking a moment and spending time in assessing the content readiness is of immense importance. Technology undergoes a drastic change and at a faster rate than the behavior training material. Therefore, it is important to check for content readiness and ensure that it meets all the future requirements.
  8. It is critical to building a firm foundation and efficient team by identifying the right bonding between the technology and learning development teams. It is an essential step towards building a successful LMS implementation.
  9. The new implementation of LMS will require a push for adoption. Giving an identity to the learning management system and talking about is its personality will be a better way to branding and the change in the management.

Mastering online education

Bias of online education

Online education is booming with an increase in the user base. Thanks to the development of Internet technologies and the availability of smartphones. It is now possible for educational institutions and organizations to offer cost-effective training programs to learners. Online education presents plenty of opportunity for people who find it difficult to attend a physical class course. Although there are disadvantages associated with the online program, following an intended schedule strictly will yield great results than a physical course. In addition, the online education program teaches self-disciplinary and decision-making skills, which are key principles of progress in the real world.

The improvement in the online education platform is providing the opportunity for institutions to deliver training and education in an entertaining manner. Coupling the platform with a learning management system yields rich profits. Reaping benefits from the entire project is dependent on the implementation of the LMS and the organization’s goal. A learner or an employee that is looking for ways to master the online education requires commitment and determination in completing the course. The online education system assesses the performance of the learner through a series of assignments, tests, and active participation.

A learning management system is a combination of administration and delivery of training material. Learners will find it easy to gain access to the materials from anywhere and at any time. It is possible due to the availability of the Internet. The flexible nature of the online education system proves beneficial for individuals who have commitments such as employment or family responsibility. Additionally, the management system also proves beneficial for an organization that is looking at a cost effective medium in delivering training to employees. The system is capable of handling registrations, recording the performance of the learner, storing assignments, keeping track of the performance, and documenting reports.

The entire information available from a single platform provides greater control to the administrator in managing the user base. Due to the flexible nature offered by the online education system, completing a course with successful results is now possible for a student. However, learning to manage the time and active participation in online discussion with professors and community is necessary. Time management and online discussions improve knowledge of the student on a particular topic because it offers varied opinions and thoughts from different sources. The enthusiasm created by the platform helps the student acquires information or knowledge about a topic from different sources. Additionally, the digital content available in any online education program consists of real-life examples and scenarios. That approach prepares the student to attend to any real-life situation immediately after completion of the course.

Online education is a successful medium in delivering quality education at an affordable cost. Enjoying the advantages and utilizing the availability of the learning management system is dependent on the determination of the learner. Reaping benefits from the same system by an organization is dependent on the implementation of the learning management system, its functionality, expandability, integration, and future requirements.

6 Things an LMS Can Offer to K12 Education

6 Things an LMS Can Offer to K12 Education


Technology is constantly evolving to improve a variety of businesses. Education is surely one of them, and online education and usage of LMS software tools has made a big impact on the whole education system.

It is now possible to streamline the whole education process easily because e-learning software tools come with an abundance of useful features. Let’s take a look at different things that an LMS offers to K12 education.

Collaboration and communication


There has always been a great gap in communication between students and teachers. Luckily, LMS software tools are perfect for bridging this gap. All LMS members become part of a community that can more easily communicate and collaborate on course materials.

This is a great advantage that can bring the spirit of teamwork in K-12 education. First, all of the students no longer have to send emails to their teachers, but can simply post a question and the answer is there for all to see. This improves the information flow, making all students up to date with the latest course information.

Also, students can better communicate with one another through the LMS tool.

Another important communication feature is the notification system. If any change is made in the course; for example, if someone posts a message, all of the course participants will get the update. This helps the students easily stay on top of the latest changes.

When it comes to collaboration, teachers can work together to create better courses. Furthermore, students can join together and share valuable information amongst each other outside the course. All this is perfect for K-12 education, making the LMS a tool that should definitely be incorporated.

Detailed personalization

K-12 education includes work with a high number of students. The problem teachers and students had only a decade ago included the standard tempo of teaching, without considering the difference in student habits. Some students are better at certain subjects but need more time for others. Their studying habits and rhythms are diverse. That made it practically impossible to create courses that would work well for all students.

With the best LMS tools out there, it is possible to personalize a course for every student. This is achieved through data collection, which helps the teacher optimize the course for every student specifically. This helps them achieve better results, as they are learning in the most effective way. When you scale this to a higher number of students, this becomes crucial, as the progress of the whole group of students becomes much better.

Information transparency


All of the education data previously collected was located at the school. With the implementation of an LMS tool, the information becomes accessible from different locations. This plays an important role when increasing the frequency of parents checking their children's progress.

Parents can acquire credentials for logging into the LMS tool and check how their kid is performing at school. Depending on the LMS tool, plenty of information is collected about every student, something that a parent can access anytime.

Analytics and report creation


Cloud-based LMS tools are perfect due to a wide range of features they come with. A very important feature includes analytics. Educators can dedicate a lot of time to analyzing how their courses are performing. How fast do students cover materials, what are the usual problems, how many of them finish the course successfully? Answering all of these questions is easy once there is enough collected data. This helps the teachers edit and create more effective courses that students find much better.

Also, creating reports is an automated process. With only a couple of clicks, a teacher can create reports about individual student performance, the performance of the entire class, and the entire school’s performance. This is also a great way of measuring the effectiveness of your LMS tools.

Having an insight into all this information can help the teacher approach each student individually and help them improve their learning pace.


In all lines of work, whenever the adoption of a new system is mentioned, people become scared and they run away from the new approach. Fear of the unknown is what slows down or prevents the implementation of new technologies across a variety of industries.

Luckily, when it comes to using LMS tools, things cannot be more simple. A majority of cloud-based SaaS LMS tools are incredibly user-friendly. Not only do teachers and students reap the benefits of its ease of use, but the whole distribution of information also becomes much easier.

Therefore, if you are afraid of implementing such a tool due to its complexity of use, you shouldn’t be, because LMS tools are incredibly user-friendly.



The true value of cloud based LMSs is accessibility. The whole course database is always online and can be accessed from any place that is connected to the Internet. This is the biggest advantage, as working on courses, or going to courses can be done from practically anywhere. Additionally, this is changing K-12 education, as schools are now in a position to accept students who live hundreds or thousands of miles away from the school. They can easily attend the school program using the LMS tool.

Furthermore, a majority of new LMS tools are compatible with multiple platforms. Therefore, no matter if your students are using a smartphone, tablet, or a computer, they can participate and study with ease.


These are the 6 most important things that a cloud based SaaS LMS tool offers to K-12 education. This software tool is a very practical choice for improving learning management and the learning experience. It brings much better results, as students can more easily acquire knowledge while teachers have much more feedback to work with.

Author Bio : Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging   technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system& authoring tools - currently associated with ProProfs.

Using WordPress as an LMS foundation


Learning management system is an efficient tool that is helping educational institutions and organizations to impart development, training, and track progress of employees and students. It is imperative to choose an appropriate solution that fits the goals of the organization. Any wrong decision or move will result in serious complications that take a toll on the entire learning program. There was a time when organizations carried out the training and development programs without the use of a learning management system. The days are now long gone as education is now digitally available across business and educational settings.

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