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King Products Introduces the LMS Lite Version

The emergence of the internet and e-learning has broken the distant barrier of educations. Today, education and training can be easily acquired while the individual is connected to the internet. What makes this learning possible is the Learning Management System. With the LMS, teachers and educators can be able to teach and train others no matter their geographical location. They can build an online community with virtual classroom where learners can be able to do all the things they can do in the real classroom environment. They can take quizzes, receive lectures, write exams, take lessons, and even print their certificates. All these are possible with the help of LMS software. There are several types of this software in the market but very few can be compared to the King LMS Joomla eLearning software in terms of efficiency and affordability. King products have four versions of the software: LMS Lite, LMS basic, LMS intermediate, and LMs professional.

King Products Introduces the LMS Lite Version

As a result of popular demand and request by customers, the King LMS Joomla eLearning has introduced the lite version to give people the chance to test our product before ordering any of our paid versions. We want you to succeed in the e-learning environment. And we are so sure that if you have a little feel of what our product can offer, you won’t blink an eye to purchase our paid version. 

There are so many reasons why you should order the paid version instead of the free version. We don’t offer free support for this version. Also, it does not come with any of our extensions (plugins, components, and modules) which are integrated into the LMS.

However, it contains some features that can help anyone get started with an LMS system.  In the lite version, there are presentations used in presenting information with no actual questions. With this type of question, users can be presented information without any expected response from the users. There is also the matching question where students are required to match the questions in the first column with the correct answer in the second column. There is also the multiple choice question where lists of answers are provided for the student to select the most appropriate option.

The King LMS lite version has limited features (since it’s a free trial version). To unlock all of our extensions and great features, you need to order the paid version.


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