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Understanding the Unique features of King Joomla LMS

Education and training has taken a new dimension since the emergence of the internet.  People now have varied options regarding how they want to get trained or educated. There are several programs offered online by educational institutions, organizations, and individual subject matter experts. One can actually acquire education online without the burden of real classroom walls and the distraction of fashion craze in the conventional learning environment. The e-learning environment can be equipped with all the tools that aid proper learning and comprehension. This has been made possible by learning management software (LMS). One system that comes to mind when talking about LMS is Kings E-learning Joomla LMS.  It is properly crafted to carter for the needs of those who want to excel in the e-learning environment. Teachers, schools, subject experts, and business organizations that want to effectively educate their subjects over the internet can rely on the efficiency of King LMS.

The developers of this system have spent several years in research into learning management mechanisms and the problems faced by users over the years.   We are really aware of the difficulties faced by teachers and administrators who want a system that guarantees them optimum performance. Although there are other similar software that have tried to provide this need, they are still lacking in cost and efficiency.

We have fashioned out a product that meets your needs and requirements. There are features you will find only in our King products.  There is a wide range of components available to help you build a world class e-learning module.

Our products are available in four different strata. The first is the lite version, a free trial version that gives you the opportunity to try our product before you buy. The basic version is the most affordable edition, designed to provide the most basic features that help you build a simple and user-friendly e-learning interface. The King E-learning Joomla LMS basic does not include our components. The third version is the King LMS intermediate, an upgrade on the basic version with more features and capabilities. It contains some of our components. This is perfect for users who want to build an efficient e-learning portal with limited resources. The third version and most sophisticated is the professional version. This contains all of our components, including survey, presentation, SCORM features, and multimedia features. With the professional LMS King, you can do more than just creating an e- learning website.


Joomla LMS
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