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Introducing King LMS - the best e-learning software for teachers and Educational Institutions

Education is not only acquired in brick classrooms anymore. Educational institutions now have their online portals where they offer online degree programs and other certificate awarding programs. Interestingly, these certificates are no different from the certificates obtained from the real world institutions. One can bypass several barriers to conventional classroom education and obtain certificates from virtual interactive classrooms online. The main backbone behind this recent development in the education industry is the introduction of the learning management system, a software that allows the teacher organize classes, give teat, and issue certificates at the end of the course.  Learning management systems have come to stay. However, caution should not be thrown into the winds when selecting the right LMS for your needs. Choose a system that is not overly expensive and very efficient for the purpose you intended it for. Such a system is already available in King E-learning Joomla LMS.

We at Kings Products are proud to announce to you our properly researched and well tested e-learning management software. The product does all it promises and even much more.  It is perfect for anyone who wants to create an e-learning portal which provides all the necessary features that aid efficient learning. It is intended for teachers, instructors, educational institutions, subject matter experts, and organizations. It will help business organizations train their staff without the need to bring them together in one building. Training can be done online while the staffs stay in their respective houses, no matter the distance between them. All the need is a virtual classroom platform with interaction sessions. This is what the King E-learning Joomla provides.

The LMS products are available in different versions because we want to meet everyone’s online teaching needs. The lite version is available for free on a trial basis. With this version, you can try out our product for free and order the paid version when you are satisfied with our product features.  There is the basic version, the intermediate version, and King LMS professional version. 

Whether you are a guru or a beginner, we provide a user friendly product that is compatible with Kings E-learning Joomla LMS, an open source portal that gives users the freedom to manage their portal. For those experienced administrators, the professional version with all tools and components is available for you. When it comes to a learning management system that is efficient and very affordable, it will be difficult to find a product that beats King Joomla LMS.


Joomla LMS
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