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Ensuring the optimal performance of your e-learning portal with King Joomla LMS

King Joomla LMS is unarguably one of the best products on offer in the e-learning environment. There are reasons why the product has been trusted by many business organizations, schools, and subject matter experts. One of such reasons is its liability when it comes to creating a professional portal for online learning.  Apart from its liability, the product is user friendly and can be easily maintained by even a non technical person. You don’t have to be a guru or a skilled technician in programming before you can be able to use this product. We have done all the home work for you as King LMS is compatible with the E learning Joomla component, making it easy for users to edit their portals and perform maintenance routine whenever they want.  Indeed, our highly performing product has received several awards since its launch. The good news is that we are not stopping here as our experienced team of developers are working seriously to even improve on this already excellent product.

Our support team is also superb. We are not going to let you do all the things alone, unlike some other LMS products that are sold to you and you are left to take care of all the setup and maintenance without support. We are here to guide you all the way from the installation process to the configuration and maintenance of our system. Although our products can be installed with ease without supervisions, we are always available to help you in any area you may need our help.

Our products are also very affordable. You are not going to see a similar product in the market with all these capabilities offered as cheap as we are offering ours. This is where we stand tall and offer competitive edge over other e-learning products.  We have done our home work well and come up with a superb product that is quite affordable and delivers what it promises.

King Joomla LMS has all the features that can enable anyone design a world class e-learning portal. There are so many tools and a wide range of extensions to equip your online learning portal. Features such as surveys, 18 different question formats, multi-media support for virtual interactive classes, quiz section, and certificate printing sections are available in the software.  If you are still not sure whether our product will actually give you what you need, we have a free trial version for you. We believe that a free trial of our product will absolutely convince you.


Joomla LMS
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