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How to Successfully Hold an E-learning Webinar

How to Successfully Hold an E-learning Webinar
Web conferences and webinars have become a major part of the e-learning process precisely because they solve a very big problem of providing live communication in distance education. It is a very convenient way to stay connected to your students and make them feel like they are an integral part of the learning process since they can contribute and ask questions in real time.

However, there is an art to holding a successful webinar that will not only allow you to impart the information to your students in the correct way but also to ensure that they get the chance to participate.  Most of it is in the preparation. Here’s how to adequately prepare for a successful webinar.

Getting everything in good working order
It is very important that you are very familiar with the web-conference tool you will be using before you give the webinar. You don’t want to have any compatibility issues that are discovered just before the webinar goes live, when there is little anyone can do about it. Any webinar tool will have certain system requirements which are why it is so important that you know how it works before using it. 

You also need to be adequately prepared when it comes to the content. Obviously the topic needs to be decided on well in advance of scheduling or announcing the webinar.  In order to ensure that the webinar reflects your student’s needs, you may need to ask your students what they would like covered during the conference. Make sure that you have all the materials assembled prior to holding or even announcing the webinar.

Finally, make sure that the webinar is well structures and organized. Keep all materials that have related information in the same section and have an introduction as well as a conclusion to the webinar. King Product's Joomla LMS can help you get started.


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