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Can online learning substitute classroom teaching?

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Classroom learning is an age-old practice of transferring knowledge to the next generation. However, the other form of education that is becoming popular and started receiving recognition is online education. Online learning is providing new challenges and creating great opportunities.

How does it work?

Online learning is a new platform that uses a computer as the instructional medium. The platform is useful in educating people of any age group. Several companies are also opting for online learning to train and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to their employees. The content of the online learning includes multimedia activities, interactive sessions, face-to-face discussions, and live chat. Acknowledging the performance of the learner is by testing knowledge through multiple-choice questions or through a scheduled physical examination in a typical classroom setting.


Online learning provides a platform where a teacher and student have enhanced interaction. It gives different perspectives and the possibility to explore a topic enormously. The combination offers the possibility of combining new opinions and develops a sound basis for education. Education is towards a research-oriented process that enables the learner to become aware of variations related to a particular topic. It also acts as a medium through which students share their ideas. The accessibility provided by the platform serves as a good layer for a student. It is possible for the learner to post queries via the email at any time. It is also a favorable environment for an instructor as he/she can reply at their convenience. It is beneficial when both the student and the teacher have a different schedule of learning.

24/7 accessibility

Online learning courses are available round-the-clock. The advantage it offers to students is gaining access to the material at any time of the day. It is feasible for a learner to complete tasks or take a test during productive times. It is beneficial for those who have personal responsibilities and a full-time job. Additionally, it adds pedagogical benefits in the form of frequent assessments. It is possible for the instructor to post exams and reviews at the end of the chapter without worrying about time and resources. The same is accessible by a student privately and in the comfort of their home. The computerized grading provides immediate feedback, providing the opportunity for a student to assess the performance instantly.


Classroom learning is still the norm in many parts of the world. It is also an active medium for transferring knowledge from a teacher to student. However, the availability of the Internet and technology is creating an alternative to the traditional teaching methodology. Online learning coupled with the learning management system is beneficial for educational institutions and corporate organizations. It not only delivers interactive sessions but also reduces the operating costs, thereby giving an opportunity for learners across the world to have easy access to high-quality educational material at an affordable price. The flexibility and the nature of learning offered by the online platform prove advantages for a student in acquiring knowledge that leaves a lasting impression on the mind.


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