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Choose Kings Joomla LMS today and enjoy a perfect e-learning experience

The introduction of the King Joomla LMS has enabled business organizations and educational institutions enjoy a perfect e-learning experience.
Before its introduction, those looking to have an effective e-learning portal with other LMS products have had disappointments in the past. It is either that the software they chose is overly too expensive or it lacks the important features that will deliver an effective learning solution. But the King Joomla LMS has brought smiles to thousands of people who want an e-learning portal that is efficient as well as affordable. The software enables individuals of different interest to communicate and interact with their learning subjects effectively. It is properly developed to provide a world class e-learning solution to users.

Not everybody is an internet guru or a programming expert. Those with little or no experience in understanding the mechanisms behind LMS products may find it very difficult to use most of the software available on offer. But King Products have made this possible. It is perfect for the beginner and the professional. It is a complete package that boasts several technical tools, including time tracking, import features, profile management, and set up wizards.

What versions are available?
There are 3 distinct versions available to users of various needs. There is the basic version, the intermediate version, and the professional version. The basic version is specifically designed for users with little experience in using learning management systems. As the name implies, it provides the basic tools and features needed for the user to create a simple interface for e-learning. The intermediate version has more features than the basic version and provides added tools for users to manage their e-learning portal more effectively. It also supports more users than the basic version. If you are looking for a simple learning management system with more complex tools, then you should go for the intermediate version. The professional version has more sophisticated tools and features. It is designed for experienced users who want to build custom made e-learning portals with sophisticated tools that will accommodate a large number of users.  It offers everything that you will need to design a more comprehensive e-learning portal.

Kings Joomla LMS also have the lite version where you are allowed to try the product before taking a buying decision. The lite version has limited features and you will start seeing the real benefits of King LMS when you order for any of the three paid versions.


Joomla LMS
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