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King products lead the way in the provision of Joomla customization services. The King Joomla LMS, released recently, has become the number one learning management system in the market. It has all the features that make online learning more fun and more enjoyable.
Teachers and educational institutions will see the benefits of this integrated suit as it can handle media management, file sharing, chat, emails, and other features needed to create and manage e-learning modules.

With this system you will able to do a lot of things, such as performing user profile management, tracking time, importing features, and performing other activities using the special features integrated in King LMS. It is designed to work on Joomla 3 platform, making it is very simple software to set up and manage. Subject management experts can now build a community of online learners through the administration of e-courses and tutorials.

There are customized made extensions that are carefully designed by our developers. These extensions improve the overall performance of the platform.
Today, anybody can create a highly functional e-learning portal with all the required tools and features. You can enhance user experience by building robust blended communities through straightforward learning paths with rich features.

E-learning has now been simplified with the comprehensive features of King Joomla LMS. The product is available in three tier versions. We also have a free trial version where you will be able to see what it can do for you before ordering for the paid versions. Moreover, the product is very affordable compared to what it really delivers. We understand that you need efficient software that will be simple to setup and manage. This is why King Product team has taken several years to research and come up with the solution to the inefficiencies in learning management systems.

LMS professional is the most robust package of all LMS products with all the tools and features. It has been tested and trusted by thousands of users who have benefited immensely from King Joomla LMS. For those technically inexperienced users who want to design a standard system, there is the basic and intermediate version.  E-learning has taken center stage when it comes to education and corporate training. The King LMS software has brought relive to e-learning teachers and students who are looking for the most efficient yet affordable software to improve learning performance.


Joomla LMS
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