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Four Simple Steps To Be A Successful Online Education Entrepreneur

Four Simple Steps To Be A Successful Online Education Entrepreneur
The demand for online Education has been rising. With Smartphones in hand or every student connectivity and convenience has been taken to an altogether different level.

  • Size of global online education market in estimated to touch $107 billion mark by 2015
  • The self-paced online education is estimated to generate revenues worth $49.9 billion in 2015
  • The global mobile learning is estimated to grow up to $8.7 billion by 2015

These factors have been driving many freelances and educators to dedicate themselves to online education and form an online education start-up. However, it is not possible for everyone to gather required capital, talent and manage to take massive risks. Although there is no reason to worry as you can initially fly solo and earn before you can expand.

Here is a step by step guide to help you rise from a passionate person to an e- learning inc. Let King Products Joomla LMS help you get started.


Step 1 – Find your calling: No one but you can decide what is your calling. It can be fun with experiments, self-help, fashion, science, social sciences, humanities, politics or technology, etc. Only you can precisely put finger on the subjects that you are passionate about. Now, let us turn your passion's call into an online education and help others master the subject too.

Step 2 – Acquaint yourself with the online courses and eLearning platforms:
To successfully sell an online education course you must create an education program that is

  • either an extension to an online education that already is running successfully, or
  • come up with an online education program that is better than the existing ones

Do not just recreate something that is already in the market, if it cannot be enhanced.

Furthermore, the online education that you are about to create will need a distribution platform as well. You can market your initial courses on online distance education platforms and Massive Open Online Courses platforms such as edEx or courser. Associating with online universities that offer distance education can get your online education course required accreditation as well.

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Step 3 – Acquaint yourself with e-authoring tools and LMS:

  • A learning management system (LMS) will
  • enable storing of all the training materials, development plans, resources as well as the assessment results within one system
  • ease authoring, modification and addition of your online education course
  • help customize the education for various segments such as students and corporate employees
  • create online education for desktop publishing as well as mobile based learning with the same tool without any extra effort
  • simplify the training administration issues
  • simplify analyzing and reporting issues
  • eliminate compliance issues

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Flying solo is not so easy. However, the more dedicated you remain, the merrier benefits you shall reap.

Step 4 – Networking is Key to business success:

  • Participate on social sites and network with online education professionals. Networking isn't optional if you really wish to succeed as a business professional. I will help you gain recognition as well as get in touch with potential investors. Above all, it will help you improve as an online education professional.
  • Craft a content strategy and write your own blog to network with students and potential customers.
  • If you need additional help, hire a good freelancer and expand your professional network.

The pace of global online education has been increasing so rapidly that in just past one year, online learning technology has doubled. Remain persistent to be triumphant.

If you have any experiences, queries or comment, please fill in and we shall be glad to hear from you.



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