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How to incorporate interactivity in online education?

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Interactive learning is an educational approach that uses technology, social networking, and urban computing to design a course. The growth of the digital technology is witnessing a rise in the interactivity education. The reason is the impact it creates on the learner. Additionally, the use of the medium is helping many individuals to pursue their education once again and at reduced costs. The use of digital media by the Generation Y and their growth surrounding the gadgets is bringing the world into a single community without any boundaries.

Interactivity in online education

Online education provides the easiest way that builds a successful interaction between a learner and an instructor. Additionally, the availability of the digital content is helping the instructors to push the conventional teaching methods and engage in a fun learning activity. The approach is engaging the student and helping them acquire knowledge that is functional in the real world. The case presentations, use of audio, visual graphics and games is assisting in creating an environment that is attracting the students to spend less time in understanding a concept. Furthermore, the environment is creating curiosity that is helping these learners to find different sources to acquire additional knowledge.  

Components of interactive learning

Social media

The socialization of learning is evolving in the personalized digital media. Blogs, Weblogs, and forums are providing the platform for students to express their thoughts and share their ideas. The social media craze is an excellent opportunity to tap the millions of learners who are enthusiastic and wish to continue their education. The connectivity further helps educational institutions to spread the knowledge to the masses at reduced costs. Incorporating the social media into the online education platform creates the space that engages students and teachers to the maximum.

Urban computing

The growth in the use of the internet, availability of technologies such as wireless networks, search engines, PDAs, smart phones, and location-based media is enhancing the interaction between people and surrounding environments. Incorporating these technologies will be helpful in assimilating the knowledge acquired by the students to a particular location.

Educational games

The concept of educational games involves immersing students in the virtual world. The games mean encouragement of critical thinking, problem solving, and cooperation. Adapting gaming technology to build interact content for a subject that also focuses on the real world issues push the limits of education that a learner receives.    

Incorporating the interactive media requires the use of technology and computers as an essential part of the education system. The core concept of online education is that the real world itself is the teaching environment, where the instructor is helping the learner in the absorption of knowledge through virtual and real-world experiences. For delivery of a synchronous content, choosing a learning management system is essential. The system is a medium that enriches the knowledge of the learner, tracks the progress, and delivers the content as and when needed. It is essential to allow the knowledge building community to develop in order to succeed in learning.  


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