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How To Market Your Online Course And Education Skills?

How To Market Your Online Course And Education Skills?

Being an educator requires an individual to be a passionate learning and remain evolving. To educate the students, educators remain on toes and keep evolving, always. However, not all teachers get the desired recognition. To add to their worries, the teachers all across the globe are paid far to less as compared to any other profession that requires a similar skill set. Those are some harsh facts.

With the online education revolution, if you as an educator have a dream to be recognized as a professor at Yale, Harvard, Oxford, MIT or Cambridge, you might be dreaming a bit too small. Why not be a global educator? Why limit your potential? Why educate students at just one faculty, when you can educate students from all over the world? This is where King Products Joomla LMS comes in.

Here are a few facts about online education, online college education and online classes/specialties preferred by students. These can help you judge the best


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Chart 3 Graduate Fields of Study Copyrights @ LearningHouse and EducationDynamics

How to share your knowledge via online courses?

With success of MOOCs sharing your knowledge via online courses has become a lot more easier. You can choose to be an educator or be of assistance to someone else who wants to provide online education. Some other roles that you can take up on, apart from being online educator are

  • A Market Researcher and Report writer
  • An e-learning blogger,
  • A storyboard artist or an instructional designer, or as
  • A project manager.

However, you will need to be thorough in your skills. Moreover, it is essential that you are aware of the various aspects and functions of the learning management systems.

If you decide to design an online course that would like to market, then the a few simple options are

  • Sell Your Own Online Courses
  • Use a Third-Party Online Learning Platform
  • Teach the Teachers

Sell Your Own Online Courses

Register a domain and Install an LMS (Learning Management System) on your domain. Though you will have to undertake all entrepreneurial skills and role, you will be the sole beneficiary as well. If you use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, you can save a lot of trouble. These are some of the best CMS and most of the integration can be achieved with a little effort. Furthermore, there are specific LMS for these platforms such as LMS King for Joomla! that reduce your effort to minimal.

It is advisable to select the LMS as per your platform. Read: How to pick a perfect LMS for to design an online education course? Or Get in touch with us for guided assistance.

Apart from selling your own course online, you can invite other teachers and online education professionals to sell their online courses on your platforms.

Selling Online Courses on Third Party Sites

Many distance education and online universities offer distance learning courses and online degree programs. You can market your online course through these online universities.

A few platforms such as

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • eLearning Marketplace
  • Lynda

offer a ready platform for the launch of the online courses though you do have to split your profits with the parent platform.


Teach the Teachers

Since educators are always in need of more and better resources, you can create online courses and online education material and sell to the other educators on platforms such as Share My Lesson or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Conclusion: There are very many options to choose from. Pick the options that suit you the most and make the most of your talent and knowledge. Do not remain limited, the world of opportunities for online education awaits you.


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