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How to work with King’s Joomla’s learning management system

With several years spent on examining the requirements for online education, Joomla eLearning has come up with a very powerful tool that provides answers to several needs of online educators. The new Joomla CMS has been widely used by several organizations because of its surprisingly affordable price, friendly interface, and wide range of features. With this system, the following features are well covered:

*          Ecommerce functionality
*          Advanced reporting and tracking
*          SCORM support
*          Completion certificates
*          Collaboration whiteboard
*          Multilanguage support
*          Flexible course management
*          Easy to use and award winning Joomla CMS

With King’s Joomla eLearning, you can administer the whole process of managing content and creating customized eLearning portals for your users. These whole features have been made possible by highly experienced eLearning developers who have put in several years of research to come up with the highly effective LMS. It is perfect for non-technicians because the entire management process has been made simple. In addition, users who prefer more advanced features have nothing to worry about because it is equally integrated with complex features that can be properly utilized by technical people.

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Taking into account of customers’ feedbacks and suggestions, conducting e-learning researches, and being in the e-learning market for several years’ only means that Joomla eLearning LMS developers really know what they are doing.  But what are those features that make kings LMS stand out among other learning management systems?

Front end dashboards

Intuitive students’ dashboard allows students to easily navigate through their courses and view their scores and course history. They can also create or edit prerequisites and do many more things.

The integration of Shopping Cart
You can offer subscription fee for your courses and payment will be handled swiftly. Registration fees and payment schedules are integrated in the package.
You can also create and issue you own certificates to students after successful completion of the course. All you need to do is upload them to LMS and students will be able to print out their custom certificates upon approval by you. The LMS also allows a wide range of question types for students.
There are even questions available to make learning very interesting. You can break the questions into multiple segments, allowing for easy comprehension by the students. The sections for quizzes can be chronologically arranged or organized in a way that the quizzes will be easy to read and follow.

Another excellent feature of the Joomla eLearning LMS is the immediate result feedback. After the quiz has been submitted, students can be able to view the feedback of their performance within a very short time. There is even provision for you to let the students know which questions they got right, which ones they failed and give them corrections. This will get them more ready in case you want them to retake the quiz.
There is also a provision for result feedback where students can be able to review their performance and course history from their own dashboard. From this dashboard, students will be able to retake their exams and print their certificates when they pass.
These and many more features are what make King’s Joomla eLearning LMS the top rated learning management system on the internet. No wonder several educational institutions and corporate bodies are making it their first choice system for the training and development of their students and staffs.


Joomla LMS
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