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Improving the outcome of e-learning using the new Kings LMS

E-Learning has become the mainstay in educational training and development. More and more people are now involved in acquiring training and education through online portals than through the conventional classroom system.  This is because of its numerous benefits.  But e-learning systems differ from each other in terms of efficiency and affordability. Some systems may be affordable but not efficient while others may be efficient but too expensive to be considered. But thanks to Joomla LMS, users can now enjoy their e-learning experience while paying lesser fee for such features. The Kings Joomla LMS enables one to learn and study different courses while providing the users with clearly defined roles.  


With the authoring software feature, users can create their own courses online and edit them whenever necessary.  For learners, catalogues are provided to help them search for particular courses on offer in the program.  A home page is usually created for each LMS user where they can post courses.

E-Learning has been revitalized as several tools that make learning fun and enjoyable has been introduced. There is the announcement board, document library, and a host of other features to improve the outcome of e-learning. The software creates an avenue for students to ask questions concerning their courses and get immediate feedback from their teacher. There are videos and images that can be used for demonstration in the interactive classes.  Multimedia files can equally be uploaded on the authoring software to aid learning.

There is also a wide range of quizzes available for each course where the teacher tests the knowledge and understanding of the students in the different courses offered. Certificates can also be managed after the successful completion of the courses. Everything that is obtainable in the circular classroom lesson is now possible in the e-learning portal. Students and teachers can meet at the appointed time and lessons can be carried out on interactive basis. Questions can be asked and illustrations can be given to the students during the lesson period.

Above all, what is more intriguing about the Kings Joomla LMS different from other top learning management systems is its efficiency.


Joomla LMS
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