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Introducing our latest products for Joomla users in the education sector

LMS King is one of the leading solutions catering to the education sector, when it comes to eLearning solutions for Joomla. We have a diverse line of products covering many different scenarios. This means you will find a solution matching your e-course development needs, no matter how modest or complex they may be.


LMS King Professional (Learning Management System)

This is our top of the line product, featuring a robust engine including five type of tests: Quiz, Exam, Presentation, Survey, SCORM (1.1, 1.2, 2004).You can also choose from 18 different question types: Multiple Choice, Fill in Blank, Multiple Response, Yes/No, True/False, Right/Wrong, Agree/Disagree, Drop-down List, Short Answer, Matching questions with answers, Filling in Multiple Blanks, Numeric, Essay, Presentation, SCORM, Grid, Selector, and Jumbled Sentence. Additional question types are currently being developed, and will be introduced in future revisions of the software.

The backend allows administrators to access a sizable range of reports: Certification Path Reports (Certification Path Users, Certification Path Lessons, Certification Path Courses), Time Spent Reports (Students Enrolled, Started Lesson, Completed Lesson, Completed Course, Received Certificate, Completed Exam, Registered Users, Most Active Users), User Reports (Learning Path Reports, Lesson Reports), Lesson Reports (Users, Users Completed Exams), Course Reports (Users, Course Instances), Exam Reports (Question Analysis, Analysis, Users), Feedback Reports, System Reports (Traffic, User Types), Certificate Reports (Users that got Certification for the Certification Path, Users that got Certification for the Course, Users that got a Certificate for any Certification Path, Certificates that will expire, Search for Certificates using its key), Participation Report, Forum Report, Disk Usage Report, Transaction Report, and Transcript Report.

LMS King Intermediate

With this version, you can access just as many question types and reports as with the Professional version. However, you will not be able to create as many types of tests; here, you only have access to Quiz, Exam and Presentation. Survey and SCORM have been left out, since they are usually not required for intermediate scenarios.

In the same way, you only get access to some of the components, modules and plugins. We’ve only included those which are most commonly used, in order to streamline the software and make it simpler to use compared to the Professional version.

LMS King Basic

With this version we have created a simplified package that focuses only on Quizzes and Exams, featuring only the most essential extensions. The result is a balanced package that should suit the needs of the average users who are just dabbling with eLearning course development.

LMS King Lite

This is our free trial version, which includes no extensions. It does allow creating Quizzes and Exams, as well as give you a taste of the workings. If you’d like to dabble with LMS King before making a purchase, this is the right choice.

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