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Are you looking for tips on how to optimize your Joomla website? Then this article is worth reading. Search engine optimization been swift shift over past couple of years, techniques worked efficiently in past are now inefficient. Many a cases they hurt your website ranking too. This blog would outline few very important tips and tricks.

Just like other sites, Joomla! Websites also requires optimization to improve its ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result pages). Below tips are more oriented toward CMS sites like Joomla CMS. The concept of SEO is quite old, in order to give a good start to your Joomla website, you need to consider the content used in your web pages, as soon as you add your website to world wide web search engine like Google will send its spiders to harvest contents from your web site. Contents created by JavaScript’s, Flash files etc. are never harvested by spiders. They may look good but the visibility to your websites gets impacted to a great extent.

  1. Website ranking must be thought prior to its make- Just like the security feature of your website rakings should also be thought in advance. You should consider its content sorting based on the categories. Search engine friendly URL’s (SEF) or clean URL’s can easily be explored by search engine, Joomla is capable of creating clean URLs. To make this more clear let’s have look over the two examples.SEFsSEF’s option is present in Joomla 3 and can be turned on from ‘Global Configuration”.
  2. Keywords Rich high quality unique content- This is most important parameter in your website ranking, always create a high quality unique content with rich keywords in them. Unique content will help you to get more clicks and search and avoid keywords repeating.
  3. Always try to use a Title Tag- Title tags can become clickable in search result. Google advice to use descriptive and unique title one every page. Using Title tags and Meta tags helps search engine to reach your content. Meta data settings are present under Global configuration of Joomla setting. The two important elements of Meta data are “Title Tag” and “Description Tag”, try to keep the title tag around 70 words and description around 150 words.
  4. Try getting both external and internal links – Blog posting in external website is a good idea to drive traffic to your website. Ideally a good website should have both external and internal links.
  5. Use SEO Plugins – One of the benefits of Joomla website is the easily availability of plugins, lots of SEO plugins are easily available in the market like “Easy Front SEO” this is free tool where you can control Meta data automatically.

Joomla 3 is world of possibilities; you can find different plugins starting from LMS to payment gateway. If you don’t find one you can always make one yourself. Additionally you will get advice, supports and learning’s from different blog.





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