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The learning management system is a single solution for managing, organizing, delivering, and reporting educational content. The automated system is a boon to the educational industry and the corporate companies. The online platform gives the opportunity for these institutions to deliver educational sessions, and training and development sessions in an efficient manner. It is important that the learning management system selected by a company fulfills the requirement and at the same time is capable of meeting the future expansion.

The platform

A learning management system is available on different platforms. Vendors often customize the product according to the requirement. However, there is a need to find an appropriate platform that supports and fulfills all the goals of the organization. Joomla LMS is an open source code. The open source code platform gives flexibility and complete freedom to the user. It is possible to alter the features and carry out changes according to the requirement. Being an open source code, it gives the opportunity to add features and tools to the LMS according to the necessity. Additionally, the community of Joomla LMS is the place to search for the needed plug-ins.

The features

Joomla LMS provides all the needed features for a learning management system to flourish exponentially in the lines of the growth of the company. The tools provided are incredible and fulfills the needs of every industry. In addition to the standard educational tools such as quizzes, educational games, and media-related resources, it gives the opportunity to integrate the social media plug-ins. The addition of the social media plug-ins assists in the creation of a stronger online community. The increase in the strength of the participants delivers an opportunity for the company to reach out to the maximum and expand the business.

The support

Joomla LMS provides the similar features as that of the parent platform, the Joomla. Joomla is the second largest open source platform providing all the necessary features, security, and support to clients. Additionally, the active participation of developers from across the globe gives an opportunity to seek help round-the-clock. The security features of the platform ensure complete protection to the data. The step towards building a stronger learning management system becomes a truth with the use of Joomla LMS.


The availability of the internet and the growing digitization is helping educational institutions to concentrate on the online education platform. Unlike mere teaching software, learning management system also incorporates the administrative features required to function independently. The fully automated system is beneficial for companies and institutions as it acts as a single solution to manage, organize, deliver, and report training contents. Joomla LMS provides the flexibility needed for the LMS to co-operate with the requirements of the client. The open source code gives an opportunity for the business to expand the system according to the needs and growth. The readily available plug-ins and support from across the globe promise in creating a platform that functions in improving and enhancing the knowledge of the learners.       


Joomla LMS
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