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Joomla LMS Introduces Some Special features for a perfect e-learning experience

Joomla eLearning LMS began operation in 2006. It was developed by a group of experienced content management professionals who worked basically in the e-learning unit of Joomla. Today, Joomla LMS King is focused on e-learning support, maintenance, and development of all e-learning systems based on Joomla. There are mostly four divisions of employees in any LMS developing unit. The first unit of employees focuses on improving and maintaining high quality services for the system. The second division is charged with the responsibility of integrating Joomla services and developing custom made solutions targeted to meet clients learning and teaching demands. The third unit comprises of the support team while the final division is the marketing and sales unit.  


With more than 1000 customer base spread across 34 countries of the world, Joomla eLearning LMS King is gradually becoming the mainstay in learning management systems.
There is now a new update to its learning management systems. Joomla LMS can now be integrated with all editions of Joomla CMS, which includes several other functional improvements. There is new and improved SCORM compatibility. There are features such as forum integration, latest edition of Community Builder, compatibility fixes. Moreover, it is open source software.  
Kings Joomla eLearning LMS comes in free trial version, standard version, and pro version.   The price of the pro version depends on the number of additional features tailored for specific needs.  
*          global question pool;
*          Advanced user management
*          Custom user roles and permissions
*          Advanced reporting
*          High priority support
For those who want to try out the product before committing themselves financially, there a demo site which is available for users.
This integrated system is perfect for educational institutions. It can handle several tasks simultaneously such as media management, file sharing, chat, emails, and other aspects of managing E-learning applications.
It is now very easy to perform user profile management, track time, import features, and manage wizards with no difficulty. With its Joomla 3 compatibility, experts in various fields can easily develop courses and training materials for their learners. There is no longer a barrier to E-learning as LMS king has breached that barrier with the introduction of the most comprehensive, yet user friendly learning management system. It provides an excellent platform for educators and learners to meet online and create discussion classes.  


Joomla LMS
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