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Joomla LMS King: A world Class Learning management system for today’s learners

In the past, learners and educators do not have the privilege of interacting with each other online using effective and equally affordable medium. But that setback is no more. With the kings Joomla eLearning LMS, you now have a full featured, yet affordable learning management system within reach of niche content publishing industries, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and educational institutions. With the integration of LMS King, Joomla CMS, and JomSocial community, there is now a low cost ownership e-learning system that works effectively for everyone.


The Joomla LMS platform can be achieved using King LMS, a complete packaged system that can be properly integrated with Joomla 3.x version and offered at a significantly affordable price.

One major problem users face with any learning management platform is the difficulty of setting up everything and maintaining the wizard. But with LMS King, everything has been simplified even for the non-technical people. Its user-friendly wizard will guide you through the set up process, giving you ample time to focus on your e-learning and certification. 
Each capabilities and features should be properly matched with the learning needs of your organization. However, Kings Joomla eLearning LMS is perfect if you require institutional level performance, SCORM compliance, and rich feature sets. They can equally be utilized for simple applications.

With this powerful software, you can easily build blended learning communities. E-learning with LMS King will enable you expand your reach of learning groups all over the world by providing custom made community building features through JomSocial in a single integrated platform. With thousands of top notch template designs and more   Joomla extensions at your disposal, you will be able to grow your learning base as your needs increase over time.

How about e-learning with SCORM compliance?

Learning with SCORM has never been easier with the powerful all purpose LMS King. In fact, it was specifically designed to enable you leverage SCORM-compliant content. This enables you reuse content development for training. It also makes things more flexible for you to share content from other learning programs and systems in the LMS.
Learning management system and e-learning software should provide students with easy management and tracking of their training content. Although some e-learning software have this feature, most of them do not have social networking compatibility. But Joomla eLearning LMS     designed with comprehensive tracking capabilities that can be specifically adjusted for the social needs of the learner.

Providing Support and Professional Services
Kings LMS ensure that you get all the support you need regarding the type of learning management system that is perfect for your organization. Once the strategy map for your organization has been assessed, they will help you identify the best process and solution for implementation. They will be there all the way to ensure that your learning management project is up and running without any hitches on the way. These are the benefits you can only derive from a world class team of experts who are focused on ensuring that your e-learning system does all you want it to do.


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