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Joomla LMS King dramatically helps teachers in their mission

For anyone involved in the education sector, eLearning is a powerful and pervasive tool that can make the learning process more efficient and pleasant. There are several good reasons why software like LMS King will drastically facilitate the life of teachers while helping students improve their marks. For educators who may be contemplating getting involved with this new set of tools, this article will provide an overview of the strongest benefits.


Simplified grading

Moving to electronic platforms will eliminate a lot of menial work: from painstakingly have to grade every question repeatedly (even those with generic answers), to lugging paperwork around, to having issues decoding the handwriting of students. There are many aspects of traditional exam grading that do not add anything to the learning experience and only make the process more painful and tedious for everyone involved.

By transitioning to electronic platforms for test taking such as Joomla LMS King, modern teachers get things done faster by avoiding the issues listed above. Since the grading process is simplified, teachers can focus on grading questions that actually require some thought, which spares them time and energy for really assessing the students and helping them move forward. Grades can also be assigned quicker since the grading process is streamlined, which helps keep students engaged in the learning process.

Analyzing Student progress

Another beneficial aspect of eLearning is how it provides a set of in-depth reports that offer unique insight into the personal development of students. By browsing through a student’s test analytics, a teacher can get a clearer sense of the areas where the student is having more difficulty, which allows making customized study plans and avails a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Software like LMS King Professional offers unrivaled in-depth reports, including the time spent on each question and many other variables.

Connecting with other teachers

ELearning does not only strengthen the communication between teachers and students, but also between the teacherbody. There are tools allowing educators to share resources and experience on specific issues, as well as doing collaborative thinking to improve the quality of their work. If you’ve never tried using this kind of platform, you’ll be surprised with the wealth of available resources. It’s not by accident the entire education world is moving to this type of solution, since it really helps getting the job done faster, with improved quality and comfort for everyone involved.

On-line Tutoring

These tools are extremely useful in official school contexts, but they’re also great for private tutoring platforms. There is a growing ecosystem of such platforms, where students can find extra help for the classes, and teachers can get some extra income and experience in their spare time. Teachers can even earn extra profit s by capitalizing on their experience and developing their own e-courses to be distributed freely as educational resources, sold independently or through relevant marketplaces.

If you’re an educator looking to get involved in eLearning, you can be confident that Joomla is not a fad; rather it’s an exciting new world of opportunity and increasingly efficient educational processes and tools. Do you have experience using Joomla LMS King? Do you think it has improved your quality of life as a teacher? Share your opinion with us in the comments section!


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