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Joomla vs. WordPress – the best LMS platform

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WordPress and Joomla are the most popular content management systems currently available. Both the platforms offer multiple choices and the freedom to develop content and manage it with ease. Learning management system is becoming an important tool for the corporate world to deliver training and development programs across the organization at reduced cost. Both WordPress and Joomla are an enticing platform to develop an effective learning management system. Understanding the differences between the two platforms will be helpful in choosing the right application to begin constructing the LMS.

Content structures

WordPress is a popular CMS considering the current statistics. However, Joomla is fast catching up and a couple of years younger than WordPress. WordPress is user-friendly and is suitable for a web newbie. Additionally, it is useful for those who are beginning a content driven website or a blog. Joomla is an effective platform for building corporate websites and sites like intranets, of which eBay is the prime exponent.

Templates and themes

As such, there exists no difference between the availability of templates and themes in WordPress and Joomla. Additionally, the themes for WordPress are available for a specific purpose, usually content or blogging. Templates for Joomla are more versatile and offer exponential benefits for building corporate websites and learning management systems. It gives the freedom for the developer to select a suitable template. Nonetheless, selection of the template or a theme is dependent on the requirement.

Extensions and customization

The extension and customization structure for both WordPress and Joomla are different. Nonetheless, the extension structure offered by Joomla is more intuitive than WordPress. It gives a plethora of options for the developer to include all the needed tools and characteristics in a learning management system. The possibility to add these extensions in the future gives the freedom for a company to alter the LMS as the need arises. The inclusion of the extensions and customization are dependent on the requirement of the enterprise.

Search engine optimization

Although more press has substantially better search engine optimization, Joomla is catching up and is offering the required tools and plug-ins to create a perfect optimization. A learning management system is aiming at providing training and development programs to the employees of an organization. Avoiding Joomla as the preferred platform for an LMS based on search engine optimization is void.

Support and community

In comparison with Joomla, WordPress lacks a community building initiative. On the other hand, Joomla is for storing its community. The website is attractive and intuitive. It further provides initiators on the go and has a well laid out support forum that is phenomenal in nature.

It is difficult to name a single content management system or a platform to build an LMS. However, given the advantages provided by Joomla, which is the preferred platform for a learning management system, choosing it will be beneficial for a business. Choosing it is a single strategy, as installing an LMS is a one-time investment and using it cuts down the training and development costs.  


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