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E-learning is the rave of the moment in the educational sector. People are gradually turning into online learning to acquire training and education. In the same vane, teachers and educational institutions are looking for more effective ways to communicate and teach their students online.   There are so many learning management systems in the market today.  But very few deliver what they actually promise. If you are looking to establish a superb e-learning portal with all the needed features to make you succeed, then you need to get an excellent LMS product to make your work easier.  The King Joomla LMS has been tested and proven to be a true king in the e-learning product environment. Its features include an easy to manage interface, affordability, rich features, and efficiency.

Easy to manage Interface: The King Joomla LMS reserves the name as a world class e-learning interface because of its user-friendly nature. It is designed to run on the E learning Joomla component   (an open source software designed to allow users easily create, edit, and maintain their portals).  This simple interface enables even the inexperienced users to be able to design and develop highly efficient e-learning portal.

Affordability: Apart from its efficiency, the King Joomla LMS is reasonably priced. It is always very difficult to find a product in the market that serves all its purpose and yet inexpensive. But we at Kings Products have made our product easily available to all those interested in creating the perfect online learning system.

Rich Features: King Joomla LMS has all it takes to help you design a superb e-learning interface. If you are looking to develop a professional looking portal, the features and components of the product will enable you achieve your aim. There are charts, surveys, presentation, SCORM compatibility, and other e-learning Joomla components.

Efficiency: When it comes to efficiency and dependability, few products will compare to the King Joomla LMS. This is because our developers have gone through the painful process of finding out the best method of ensuring an efficient elearning portal in the industry. With their wealth of knowledge and programming experience over the years, the King Joomla LMS was given birth to. It has been well crafted to provide the most needed tools for anyone to succeed in the e-learning environment.
King LMS is available in three paid versions: the King LMS Basic, King LS intermediate and King LMS professional.


Joomla LMS
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