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King Joomla LMS – the most effective and affordable e-learning module for teachers and educators

Teachers and educators who want to take advantage of the opportunity that the internet has provided to educate and train people online can now do so with ease. The introduction of the King E-learning Joomla LMS will now help you achieve your teaching and training objectives online. The product is specifically designed by seasoned professionals and developers who have scoured the market and carried out appropriate research on e-learning over the years. We have come up with our own brand of LMS that is affordable as well as effective. If you are looking to succeed online by creating a sophisticated e-learning module online, King Joomla LMS is your answer.

You can do so much with our e-learning software. You can set quizzes, set exams, arrange modules, make presentations, organize virtual interactive classes, create certificates for students to download upon course completion, and lots more.

We have made it very simple to use. Our e-learning software is compatible with the Joomla 3.1 platform and above. We chose Joomla because it is an open source portal that is easy to use and maintain. After purchasing our Kings E-learning Joomla product, our highly experienced support team will guide you through setup, installation, configuration, and maintenance process. We want you to succeed, because we are equally succeeding if you do.

Whether you have technical ability to understand the intricacies behind LMS products or not, we guarantee that you will have an easy ride when using our product. So, you are no longer limited by technical know-how or knowledge of LMS.

For those that are technically aware, we have all the great components that will enable you design a great e-learning module. We have you covered in all the areas you need assistance.   Kings Products E-learning Joomla has received series of awards and great reviews by users and customers since its launch. But we are not just stopping here. We are still going to improve on this already great product because our developers are busy working ceaselessly to ensure that we maintain our position as the leading company that provides  the most efficient and inexpensive e-learning software for business organizations, corporations, educational institutions, and teachers who want to create the perfect online learning environment for their subjects.

You can order the basic version, intermediate version, or professional version depending on the features you are looking for and the LMS needs you want to meet.


Joomla LMS
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