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E-learning has really come of age. Every year, millions of people go online in search of online training and education that will help them improve their personal and career life. These people learn through an online interface without ever coming in personal contact with the trainer or instructor. The King LMS Joomla eLearning product was designed to provide an efficient e-learning environment for educational institutions and subject experts who want to impact knowledge on students in need of it. 

The King LMS brings the teacher and the student together in one e-learning environment. Whatever you can do in the conventional classroom environment you can also do in the e-learning environment. The only exception is that students won’t be distracted by their colleagues with their fashion craze and misconducts, as obtainable in the real classroom environment.  This is even an added advantage to those who want to pursue their programs online. Teachers will have the resources and no distractions to impact knowledge better because they are provided with all the resource that will help them do so. What more can you ask for?
As a teacher, you can organize virtual interactive classes and students can ask questions. There are provisions for quiz, exam, survey, presentation, reports, and even modules for printing of certificates. You can do even much more with the King LMS Joomla eLearning software.

What makes Kings Product unique?
Before Kings products was introduced, there was an extensive research into the e-learning environment  to create a product that serves the overall needs of teachers and subject matter experts that want educate people online. The software was developed by highly professional developers who understand that making the functionality of software simple is very important for technically inexperienced people. So, if you are not skilled in LMS functionality, the installation and maintenance of this software because will be easy for you because of its simplistic built.

What are the products on offer?
Kings Products has four different strata of products we have on offer. There is the Lite version, which is the free edition for those that want to try out our product before buying. We also have the basic version, the intermediate version, and the professional King LMS. These versions have their specific features. Of course, the professional version is the most advanced module with all features and components that will help your build a world class e-learning portal.


Joomla LMS
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