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The evolution of the Internet and technology is providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to reap benefits of the online education programs. The distance education offered by universities and colleges is offering an excellent connectivity to millions of individuals across the globe. The use of the Internet allows the individuals to study around work and family commitments. It gives the opportunity to study at home, at the office, or at any other place and time that is comfortable and feasible for a learner. The learning management system is a software application that administers, hosts, delivers, tracks, and manages the entire online education program.

Advantages of distance education

  1. It gives the opportunity for an individual to enhance the career prospects irrespective of the location – rural, urban, city, or overseas.
  2. It allows accommodating study around work and family commitments. Studying at any time is possible. It eliminates geographical constraints, each, gender, and other necessities that are common for a full-time education program that requires physical presence.
  3. It is possible for the learner to vary the study load according to the schedule. Distance education offers many degrees, either full-time or part-time.
  4. It allows the individuals to develop and demonstrate self-motivation and self-direction, which is necessary to excel in education as well as in career.
  5. Distance education program also gives the ability to connect to other students through the online learning environment and direct contact with lecturers or professors via e-mail, threaded discussions, or by phone.
  6. The education program allows the individuals to gain access to facilities such as accessing library, which is available 24 x 7 due to its availability on the Internet. The easy access to the library gives the advantage of obtaining various materials at the touch of a button.
  7. It provides the opportunity to access the study materials without rushing to the next class. Although courses have fixed deadlines, completing it within the time by varying the learning speed is in the hands of the individual. The distance education program considers the performance of the individual but not other aspects.
  8. All the tutorials and lectures are available 24 x 7 due to the online education platform. It eliminates the stress that individuals adhere due to the absence of leave in a full-time program.
  9. It offers the convenience of delivering the study materials to home or office.
  10. Unlike a full-time program, the distance education requires completion of two subjects per session. Each subject requires around 10 hours of study, making it convenient and comfortable for any individual.
  11. As there is no restriction to the addition of topics to each session, students have the opportunity to vary the study load to fit with the rest of the schedule.

The enormous advantages offered by the distance education learning are proving beneficial for many of those who are enthusiastic in continuing their studies. It gives a remarkable opportunity for employees who wish to enhance their knowledge in a particular field and grow professionally.


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