Kings Joomla LMS: an e-learning open source

Kings Joomla LMS is a fully functional proprietary learning management system utilized by corporations and educational institutions. It offers tailor-made development services and a wide array of course templates. The software allows for administrator improved enrollment and self enrollment, where instructors can determine maximum number of pupils to enroll and students may be asked to pay certain fees for enrollments. The instructor has control over what should be accessed and who should be allowed to access it. This will depend on the user roles that have been defined. It is equally easy to toggle between teacher and student modes.

kings joomla  lms

After the learners have been enrolled, they would be allowed to work and have access to features like quiz creation. The teacher will be able to monitor the activities of students in the platform as well as work for their courses.  

Other features of Joomla Learning Management System by kings products that ensure a better student-teacher communication include the ability to exchange messages and files without using their emails, a discussion forum, calendar of due dates, and course announcements. There is a wide range of files that can be uploaded and managed within the portal, including, text, pdfs, and zip documents. The system equally enables users to work through course finder module to help locate relevant courses; with a structured manner students can access information. This will ensure that students do not skip lessons and remind them where they stopped for the last lesson.

Interestingly, with the Joomla Learning Management System, evaluation of students’ performance is made simple. Certification track and course reports can be easily recorded while quiz results can be emailed to the students.  Joomla LMS is comprehensive enough that enables the teacher to have fully developed reports about the completed course and certificates once the students have completed the course.

All these packages come in basic, intermediate, and professional versions. There are very few products that boost the simplicity and efficiency that is the trademark of Joomla LMS.  If you are looking for the most comprehensive as well as affordable learning management system for your e-learning needs, then look no further than Kings Joomla LMS.


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