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Kings Joomla LMS: the most powerful e-learning solution

When it comes to e-learning, using the most effective software application should be a priority. This is particularly important for those who don’t have technical skills. It is better to learn using the most complete package with friendly user-interface. But most e-learning software are either too complex for the beginners or inefficient. However, with the introduction of the Kings Joomla Learning Management System, this void has been bridged. If you are looking for the most robust and complete e-learning software solution, here are the reasons why you may want to consider Kings Joomla LMS.


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1. A wide array of extensions available
These are more extensions you can choose from, and most of them are developed specifically for e-learning.  In the package, there are charts, graphs, libraries, surveys, and quizzes, which are all available for effecting teaching.

2. Free download of basic version:

Unlike other applications, basic version is free to download from the website. The design and development of kings Joomla is being handled by volunteers who are constantly working hard to improve the functionality of the software management system. They help out at events, create templates, write manuals and develop extensions. These developers perform these roles on a regular basis. This is why some extensions and components are issued absolutely free without any additional charges.

3.Constant Update

With the constant update of the Joomla LMS, you will never be kept in the loop when any change is made. Joomla regularly updates its platforms in order to carry everybody along when new features are added. Kings Joomla Learning management system has both free and paid LMS.  The fee type depends on several factors, including eLearning standards, LMS business orientation, installation type, source code availability, support services, and other features. This means that you have the liberty to choose the features you need.

4. Social learning benefits

Learning has gone beyond classroom system. With the interactive e-learning package for Kings Joomla Learning management system, users can interact and associate with their colleague by sharing their progress on social profiles. The users can build communities and include different social features. This is very important because it is easier to locate and interact with someone on facebook and other social networks than finding the person outside the classroom. Learners also use Facebook messenger more often than phone books.  This has been integrated into LMS King to enable learners easily communicate with each other and share ideas together.

5. Flexibility
Kings Joomla Learning Management System is an open source package it is easily customized and the user can add as many components, plugins, or modules as needed to improve website functionality. There are no limits to the number of content features or users at a particular time.

The above list is not yet exhausted. There are several other reasons why today learners prefer the simplicity and efficiency of learning with the most powerful e-learning solution in the e-learning environment.


Joomla LMS
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