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LMS King CEO, Robert Joyce, Explains the Power of a Learning Management System and the Future of E-learning

In a recent interview, LMS King, Robert Joyce explained the importance of the Learning Management System to the future of learning globally.

“E-learning was unheard of 40 years ago, rare 20 years and unusual 10 years ago. Now, every learning institution in the world offers some e-learning programs,” Joyce explained. “Over 70% of the world’s companies offer some online learning, nearly every college and university and most elementary and high school incorporates online learning.

“With all of this e-learning, it is imperative that institutions and individuals choose a Learning Management System that provides them with everything they could need: flexibility, expandability, customer support, ease of use and total compatibility with other systems.

“I believe that in the future entire nations will begin to teach their students entirely online, through large screen televisions, advanced computers and tablets and, who knows, maybe even virtual reality,” Joyce said. “Managing more than simply the content is important for the success of a program and a course. Managing quizzes, tests and ‘in classroom conversation’ are all important aspects of the future of e-learning and Learning Management Systems.”

With projects putting Self-Paced E-learning, as subsection of all e-learning, at $51 billion by 2016, the growth of e-learning is assured.

One of the major areas of e-learning that King Products hopes to see growth is under-served nations. Many nations around the world do not have education systems that allow children to learn and grow to their full potential. King Products looks forward to the day when students in even the poorest countries will be able to log onto a community computer or one provided to them and learn everything that they need to and want to.

“It is possible to teach nearly everything via e-learning already. From basic reading and writing to advanced quantum physics and medicine, e-learning is able to deliver a huge amount of information in a way that children and adults can learn and grow,” Joyce said. “The potential of technology, like our King Products Learning Management System and inexpensive computers and tablets, to change the world is almost unlimited.”

King Products LMS offers different levels for different users from Lite to Professional. Based on Joomla language, King Products LMS is a highly adaptable and expandable software system that provides users with total control over the student’s learning experience.

King Products was founded by Robert Joyce, after he gained years of experience working in the IT field. King Product’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been in development for four years. Today, King Products offers four different levels of LMS to meet the needs of all of their customers. They also offer world-class customer support, to guarantee that the customer’s experience is positive and productive.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Robert Joyce at [email protected]


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