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LMS King Lite Free: All You Wanted to Know

As the name suggests, this version of Joomla LMS King Lite is being offered free of cost. The reason why it is still beneficial and should be considered is it has some reflections of the paid and premium versions.

This free version of Learning Management System is compatible with Joomla 2.5 version and above, and has a specially designed dedicated eLearning portal to which, you are given free access.

Access to Downloads:

There is a Free Download Section, which is updated frequently where one can find several useful plug-INS like the recently added Jom-Social plug-in. These plugins make you feel convenient in using Kings Joomla LMS.

Access to Reports:

You have access to all reports, be it critical system, time spent and learning path reports or others like those of certificates, user and lesson and course reports. Each of them is detailed and very useful as they enable to take the learning portal to an upper level for administrators as well as students. You can easily keep a record about students enrolled, completed exams and lessons. Reports are also offered for users activity, certification statuses and exams analysis. All these kinds of analysis based reports may help to judge the overall functioning and smoothness of whole learning system.

Supported tests:

This version supports online exams, quizzes, and also presentations. As far as extensions are concerned, only Learning Module Center is accessible.

With more developments in pipeline, currently the Joomla LMS King system is able to create different  types of questions comprising of popular formats like multiple choice questions, matching, and presentation whereby you can present the info.

The best part of it is one does not need to be a computer expert. Due to its user-friendly interface, Joomla LMS King Lite is very easy to use and suits both, fresher as well as experts to develop their skills. However, the free version due to its limited access is designed and developed to cater the needs of newcomers rather than experts.

Being a free version, free support is unavailable and none of the extensions, plug-ins, and modules except LMC (Learning Module Center) integrated into Joomla LMS are available. However, one can purchase them separately.

With a number of free facilities and access, free Joomla LMS King Lite is sure to help its users to develop skills, which they can use in their relevant fields. The feature as well as the access is limited when compared to the paid ones all right.

Still, whatever is on offer is sufficient to learn the basic nuances.


Joomla LMS
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