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Most Effective Extensions of Kings Professional Joomla LMS

Kings professional Joomla based learning management system is at the core of any e-Learning portal. It enables easy customization of the website as per ones requirements. Management of the e-Learning portal also gets facilitated by various extensions embedded within this professional Joomla LMS.

Media Manager: With the help of the media manager extension you can rename and reorder the images and videos easily. Image mobility between different folders also gets enhanced. Simply move the images within the folders in few easy steps.

Feedback: Timely feedback is the crux of any e-Learning course. Kings Professional Joomla LMS has an extension to provide all tools to take feedback from students. Based on their suggestions you can update your course which will eventually help in increasing future enrollments.

This extension provides information about people who have given feedback, their emails, content of feedback and any uploaded files

Forum: An in-built forum extension promotes interaction among students and teachers. Learners can brainstorm, exchange ideas and have a constructive discussion. Participants can easily upload articles and images.

Teachers can also be a part of it and create threads and edit them. One can easily change the forum description as well.

The forum can be customized. You may include captcha, RSS, smiles and several other features. The forum extension allows you to control thirteen aspects of the forum by simply selecting the yes or no option as the case may be.

Profile: Kings Professional Joomla LMS has a profile extension which includes a list of profile and options to manage it. You may publish, delete or edit a profile. Profile search can be done on the basis of names.

The edit feature of profile extension permit you to change profile information like name, forms and decide whether to publish or not. The field information of profile has multiple fields, including but not limited to student id, international student and degree. With the field manager you can enable or disable them.

Translators: Students who are not familiar with the language of instruction can count on the translator. It provides support in all the popular languages. Now, language will not be a barrier anymore.

File sharing: The file sharing extension of Professional Joomla LMS allows learners and teachers to share files among themselves. You can make your file public or restrict it with access protection functionality and prohibit any unwanted access.

Messaging: A course without effective communication is not impactful. Without any interaction students struggle to learn. Keeping this in mind the developers of Professional Joomla LMS have included a messaging system within the LMS. Learners can easily exchange messages with the advanced communication tools.

Admin can set the rules for message exchange and customize the messaging functionality. You control all the features of messaging. So keep it a simple platform to exchange text or permit smiles and avatars. The choice is yours.

Chat: These days an e-Learning website is incomplete without a chat functionality. Kings Professional Joomla based LMS offers chat extensions wherein everyone can exchange their viewpoints. It can also be a virtual hangout spot for students where they can freely chit chat about whatever they feel like.

The chat feature can be accessed when online. You don’t have to download a separate software for it. It can be opened by simply clicking on the chat window from the main menu.
In total, the Kings professional Joomla LMS has all the features that make it one of the leading Joomla learning management system.


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