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Kings Joomla LMS: Managing E-Learning through kings Joomla LMS

What is E-Learning and how Kings Joomla LMS help you to manage it easily?

E-Learning system management using Joomla LMS  is the most advanced method of teaching  process.   Use of multi-media is one of the most fascinating features of e-learning. Now we can use, apart from texts, images, videos, audios, animations and other such things as part of the learning. This makes the learning process more interesting and efficient.
Another important feature of e-learning is that it can reach a wide range of people who are not physically gathered in one place. There are a few things that make e-learning convenient to accomplish. Along with this, we require some software that makes e-learning possible. This kind of learning is known as e-learning, or Computer Based Learning (CBL) or Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), or Internet Based Learning (IBL). The latest development in this field is the evolution of Learning Management Systems (LMS). The best and most flexible LMS is the Kings Joomla LMS.

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What more can you do with Joomla 3.5 CMS?


Something great has been added to the Joomla CMS frame work 3.3.3. It is now close and stable, enabling some great improvement so the user can do more. With the new release you are long away from making your hands dirty. The first Joomla 3.3.3 beta released on 1st of April, it was like a dream come true for Joomla lovers. Joomla LMS is one of the trusted LMS in the world. ‘Joomla’ is derived from Swahili means all together. You can explore some of the hidden gems in the Joomla 3.3.3 release, application package have me made available to the Joomla web developers for writing Command Line (CLI) scripts and the old J registry has been replaced by Registry package. However, these changes are quite transparent between Joomla 3.2.3 CMS and Joomla 3.3.3 release. With Joomla new release of ‘Application Package’ developers can enhance the CLI scripts, the additional properties includes color processor class output generation in color based ANSI standards. Added cloud features acts as an apex enabling rapid e-learning; this tech allows companies to work with multiple applications on single go.

Read more: What more can you do with Joomla 3.5 CMS?

Why you need to insist on Kings LMS for your e-learning management needs

Learning has taken a new dimension in the world today. People no longer need to bother themselves to travel long distances in search of training and education. With the introduction of LMS products, learning online has been made easy. But not all LMS products can guarantee you an effective learning experience. We have taken several years to research and develop a product that suits your e-learning needs. King Products, compatible with Joomla, has been developed to provide exceptional tools and features that make your day when it comes to online learning. We understand that you are looking for an King LMS product that is affordable and can guaranty you efficiency when conducting online seminars and other e-learning activities you want to get involved in. That is why we have developed the King products - to satisfy your e-learning needs.

e-learning management needs

Presently, King products offers four tiers of LMS for benefits to customers. Our customer service is second to none in the industry. We will help you select the right product, whether the basic version, intermediate, or professional version, that will meet your need.  King product LMS is a comprehensive online learning management portal for students, organizations, and teachers who want to reach the next level by taking the advantage that e-learning provides.  This LMS infrastructure is run on Joomla browser. It has a user friendly interface, which means that users with little or no technical experience can be able to setup and manage the portal without any difficulty. The King LMS has got many good remarks and accolades from customers who have witnessed first hand the benefits of using this product to enhance their learning experience.

Currently, it is one of the most complete LMS products available in the market today.  Our sole aim is to keep improving the product and keep the technical innovation for the product. We have properly done our homework to makes sure that our LMS is customer-friendly as well as inexpensive.  One of the most frustrating things that happen to users that purchase e-learning software is that they are usually left on their own to figure things out for themselves. They will spend much of their time trying to setup their software without much

success. However at King Products, apart from the great product we offer, we also offer a great user-experience.  You must not be an aficionado to be able to use our products. They have been designed in a simplified manner where setup and maintenance can be done with no hassles.

Choose Kings Joomla LMS today and enjoy a perfect e-learning experience

The introduction of the King Joomla LMS has enabled business organizations and educational institutions enjoy a perfect e-learning experience.
Before its introduction, those looking to have an effective e-learning portal with other LMS products have had disappointments in the past. It is either that the software they chose is overly too expensive or it lacks the important features that will deliver an effective learning solution. But the King Joomla LMS has brought smiles to thousands of people who want an e-learning portal that is efficient as well as affordable. The software enables individuals of different interest to communicate and interact with their learning subjects effectively. It is properly developed to provide a world class e-learning solution to users.

Not everybody is an internet guru or a programming expert. Those with little or no experience in understanding the mechanisms behind LMS products may find it very difficult to use most of the software available on offer. But King Products have made this possible. It is perfect for the beginner and the professional. It is a complete package that boasts several technical tools, including time tracking, import features, profile management, and set up wizards.

What versions are available?
There are 3 distinct versions available to users of various needs. There is the basic version, the intermediate version, and the professional version. The basic version is specifically designed for users with little experience in using learning management systems. As the name implies, it provides the basic tools and features needed for the user to create a simple interface for e-learning. The intermediate version has more features than the basic version and provides added tools for users to manage their e-learning portal more effectively. It also supports more users than the basic version. If you are looking for a simple learning management system with more complex tools, then you should go for the intermediate version. The professional version has more sophisticated tools and features. It is designed for experienced users who want to build custom made e-learning portals with sophisticated tools that will accommodate a large number of users.  It offers everything that you will need to design a more comprehensive e-learning portal.

Kings Joomla LMS also have the lite version where you are allowed to try the product before taking a buying decision. The lite version has limited features and you will start seeing the real benefits of King LMS when you order for any of the three paid versions.

Enjoy the Advantageous Features of Joomla LMS by King

King products lead the way in the provision of Joomla customization services. The King Joomla LMS, released recently, has become the number one learning management system in the market. It has all the features that make online learning more fun and more enjoyable.
Teachers and educational institutions will see the benefits of this integrated suit as it can handle media management, file sharing, chat, emails, and other features needed to create and manage e-learning modules.

With this system you will able to do a lot of things, such as performing user profile management, tracking time, importing features, and performing other activities using the special features integrated in King LMS. It is designed to work on Joomla 3 platform, making it is very simple software to set up and manage. Subject management experts can now build a community of online learners through the administration of e-courses and tutorials.

There are customized made extensions that are carefully designed by our developers. These extensions improve the overall performance of the platform.
Today, anybody can create a highly functional e-learning portal with all the required tools and features. You can enhance user experience by building robust blended communities through straightforward learning paths with rich features.

E-learning has now been simplified with the comprehensive features of King Joomla LMS. The product is available in three tier versions. We also have a free trial version where you will be able to see what it can do for you before ordering for the paid versions. Moreover, the product is very affordable compared to what it really delivers. We understand that you need efficient software that will be simple to setup and manage. This is why King Product team has taken several years to research and come up with the solution to the inefficiencies in learning management systems.

LMS professional is the most robust package of all LMS products with all the tools and features. It has been tested and trusted by thousands of users who have benefited immensely from King Joomla LMS. For those technically inexperienced users who want to design a standard system, there is the basic and intermediate version.  E-learning has taken center stage when it comes to education and corporate training. The King LMS software has brought relive to e-learning teachers and students who are looking for the most efficient yet affordable software to improve learning performance.


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