Advantages of Online Education as an Alternate Career for the Educators

Advantages of Online Education as an Alternate Career for the Educators

Online education has opened new doors of healthy second income for the educators. The fact of the matter is that most educators are paid at least 12 percent lesser as compared to any other worker who has the same amount of education and work experience. Thus, for those teachers who are really good at their job, online education has opened a new arena of extra income. 

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How to Use LMS to sell courses online

How to Use LMS to sell course online
It used to be that LMS was used for either corporate training or e-learning practices. However, as the internet has opened up how we get information, LMS has become a way for trainers or teachers to create courses that can educate people and make money for them.  Many online e-course creators have begun using LMS as a base for selling their e-courses. It is in fact a bug business in the online marketing community and anyone can use this system to create e-courses that they can sell.  Here’s how to sell using our Joomla LMS.

Choose the right niche
In any business, choosing the right niche is the first step to having a successful business. It is absolutely imperative that you choose a niche where you have adequate knowledge and can produce content on very easily.

It is also equally as important to find out of your niche is profitable. Is there a viable market for your training course? This is very important if you want to make any profits.

Choose the right LMS platform
There are very many LMS platforms out there that could potentially provide you with a good option for building your course. It is however very important that you find one that is easy to use; you don’t want to spend half the time learning how to use a system.  You also want a system that helps you organize the content in a way that it is very easy for your students to access the information very easily. You should be able to make it very easy for students to get to the content with minimal or no mistakes at all.

Marketing strategy
Once you have content, you need to reach your target market. There are very many ways to do this including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing and email marketing among others.

How to Successfully Hold an E-learning Webinar

How to Successfully Hold an E-learning Webinar
Web conferences and webinars have become a major part of the e-learning process precisely because they solve a very big problem of providing live communication in distance education. It is a very convenient way to stay connected to your students and make them feel like they are an integral part of the learning process since they can contribute and ask questions in real time.

However, there is an art to holding a successful webinar that will not only allow you to impart the information to your students in the correct way but also to ensure that they get the chance to participate.  Most of it is in the preparation. Here’s how to adequately prepare for a successful webinar.

Getting everything in good working order
It is very important that you are very familiar with the web-conference tool you will be using before you give the webinar. You don’t want to have any compatibility issues that are discovered just before the webinar goes live, when there is little anyone can do about it. Any webinar tool will have certain system requirements which are why it is so important that you know how it works before using it. 

You also need to be adequately prepared when it comes to the content. Obviously the topic needs to be decided on well in advance of scheduling or announcing the webinar.  In order to ensure that the webinar reflects your student’s needs, you may need to ask your students what they would like covered during the conference. Make sure that you have all the materials assembled prior to holding or even announcing the webinar.

Finally, make sure that the webinar is well structures and organized. Keep all materials that have related information in the same section and have an introduction as well as a conclusion to the webinar. King Product's Joomla LMS can help you get started.

How to Start a Career in the E-Learning Field

How to Start a Career in the E-Learning Field
The current job market has evolved so much in recent times that it is safe to say that these changes were very much unprecedented and unimaginable just a few decades ago. Certain factors including technology, economy changes, demographic changes and competition all dictate this growth and make it necessary for people to adapt to a new reality and even master a new skill if they want to remain competitive.
The e-learning job market in particular is in strong demand due to the advancement in digital technologies and social media. Many businesses and educational institutions are abandoning traditional forms of indoor learning in favor of online learning. But how can you break into the e-learning industry if you have no experience? Which is the best career to choose?

The various e-learning roles
There are very many e-learning roles to choose from, many of which can provide you with a fulfilling e-learning field. Some of them are;

  • E-learning developer; works on course development, design and maintenance
  • Instructional designer; analyzes, designs and develops the instruction course materials and organizes them into an online curriculum
  • Training and development manager; creates and implements training programs and at the same time evaluates their effectiveness.
  • Content Specialist; responsible for course collection

How to pick the right career
When choosing the right career, go through all of the above e-learning roles and write down the skills required for each. Take notice of which role already matches the skills you have, that you may have gained from previous work experience.
In order to ensure success, you may want to further improve on the skills you already have or gaining those that are missing. There are very many sources; some of them online that can greatly help you increase your knowledge of the e-learning role you have chosen.

How to Make it easy for your employees to learn LMS

How to Make it easy for your employees to learn LMS
Proper Learning Management System (LMS) implementation can have a wide range of benefits for a business including increased profitability, higher productivity and increased turnover. Most business owners however, find it very difficult to get their employees to know Joomla LMS efficiently and effectively. They don’t know how to conduct effective training quickly while aiming for the best possible outcome for the company. If you struggle with this issue, here are a few ideas that can help.

Don’t Rely too much on Documentation
Studies have shown that the amount of information in whatever form produced in one month is more than the entire human population can consume in their lifetime. The availability of too much information means that there is selective information absorption; people only pick and choose what they feel comfortable they can learn or what they want to learn. Therefore, it might be a good idea to avoid providing employees with too many documents to study and try to use other training techniques that are easy to absorb such as webinars.

Don’t allow for self-training
Avoid providing the employees with software without proper explanation and then expecting them to learn by themselves. Sure, some of them will learn but self-training is an approach that can often be irresponsible. Most of them may only decide to learn what serves them or what they can learn without putting in too much effort. In the long run, this may greatly affect your business’ productivity and hence it’s profitability.

Assess how much they learn
Assessing the learning progress allows you to not only design better learning modules based on the problem areas you find but also gives you a clear indication of where the learning process is at. You can then adjust accordingly as per the various problem areas you find.


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