Competency based e-learning is change face of modern education

Modern e-learning has not only changed in the recent era but has also become inevitable. And Joomla e-learning serves as a catalyst for competency based learnings. The name competency based eLearning is nothing but a model, similar to other business models. A modern techniques where in credits are awarded after content mastery and not on seat timing. A content based eLearning can be in person or online groups, students can walk through different modules of eLearning on their own and can take assessments. When a student passes or masters one module he/she moved to the next module for competency.


Competency based education model is more of replacing the traditional education system. By putting into the fact that “what you know” rather than how many hours you have spent learning the subject. This model is more realistic approach where a student is credentialed based upon the skills and knowledge to meet the already developed skill sets.

The main advantages of competency based eLearning in this changing world.

  1. Flexibility - Students are now free from class schedules and semesters or study time. This options enables learn at your go, it is totally dependent on students when to start and when and where there schedules allows. This is very helpful for those peoples who are juggling with work and family commitments.
  2. Affordable and within your Reach – Competency based model eLearning’s are less expensive compared to the traditional based call room learning. It lets the student go by the subscription period of their choice. You may accelerate your process to shorten the subscription period to save time and money.
  3. Personalized as per your need – Flexibility helps you skip the learning and take the assessment directly, based on your previous learnings. Thus helps you to save money and time on the learnings which you already had.
  4. Self- Paced – Like traditional education, competency based learnings too have examination. But is slightly in favor of the learners. Learners can opt for assessment on their choice or after mastery of the contents. With this option students can monitor their progress easily and can take necessary steps to improve it.
  5. Transparent – Competency based learnings directly proportional with specific skill sets that the students must have to pass the assessment and move to the next assessment.

Content based learning is slowing making its way to the modern education, institutions and Government agencies are now taking competency based learning seriously to meet there educational needs.


Things you would like to know about Joomla PHP Development Company.



All thanks to new computer technology, today we can easily access millions of website with just few mouse clicks. Lots of companies will be on your computer screen offering products and services and you can choose from the list. There is a battle of website development and web developers make continuous effort on developing innovative technology, to be used in developing highly responsive websites. And Joomla is one of the above technologies, which is capable of developing high quality websites like “e-learning", Blogging, Shopping. Today’s, article is totally dedicated on the insights of PHP development company.

The company must have team of experts – In order to get a quality output, it is equally important that the company should have team of experts dealing with “Joomla PHP development”.

The company must have delivered the in Joomla development projects – To add uniqueness to your web ventures, it is always recommended to choose the most experienced one. Experience in PHP and Joomla development will add uniqueness and the project get completed in time will help you to stay put with in the web market. Like LMS king PHP development services, more than 20 years of hands on experience in Joomla PHP scripts.

The Company must have good and experienced client support – Opting for Joomla website development you need the experts stay in touch with constant support and for that you need to choose Company like LMS-king product which follows seamless client communication. Communication with the Joomla developers is very crucial for the Joomla Project.
At kings world we have an experienced team of experts dealing with PHP scripting and Joomla website development since 20 years, with thousands of clients and 100% customer satisfaction.

All Genuine Clients – The Company you have selected should have 100% genuine clients and you can check that from the customer reviews and company testimonials posted as feedback on company websites.

After sale Service  By the word after sale service I mean technical support after your website launch. Always check on the policies of the company on the free and paid services before selecting a company.
Regardless of the fact that, there are many Joomla PHP development company in the market it is crucial to note the above points for successful business ventures. It is definitely important to get associated with the company that will help in enhancing your online presence. Just leave the message on the screen company representative will guide you on the rest.



The best known e-learning software solutions


There is always been a demand for innovation and technology in learning industries, and eLearning is known to be the best. But before that you need to make a solid base for “e-learning” and one of them is Joomla CMS. Joomla is known to best in eLearning platform and capable of blending technology with learning.

E-learning course need to be online and to be more effective it needs a feedback throughout the course. There is lots of approach to check the knowledge on the learning and one of them is knowledge check techniques, where in you can put couple of questions on the screen to check the previous learning. Well, eLearning is away forward. Whether it is delivered via HTML website or Power Point Presentation, e-learning has got tremendous power in knowledge transfers. There are numbers of eLearning solutions which you can actually rely upon and you can produce the best courses at an ease. Let’s take few moments and have a look on the bests.

LMS King professional: - This is one of most known LMS solution in Joomla base. This one of the versatile piece of excellence put together in the form of software’s. Provides almost all required feature for successful e-learning course creation, it seamlessly integrates with the Joomla CMS. You are free to add 18 different types of quiz formats, dropdown list, essay and many more. Out of the several I liked the payment gateway the most; it has got almost all known gateways to be integrated in Joomla platform.

It’s the way to create content on your own way. It can embed course to your Joomla website and user can get trained via dashboard. Student and get enrolled instantaneously, and LMS King advanced logic creates bifurcation in the hierarchy. There are different accesses to different roles. Complete confidentiality is maintained, that allows specific access to particular module to students or groups. This feature is somehow similar to a school, where different class attends different courses.
With LMS King you can access eLearning effectiveness easily by learners Opinion- Learners opinion is an important parameter for measuring eLearning effectiveness. After all modules are created for the learners, the main objective is to finds the likes and dislikes about the course, this will also answer important question “Did the course met the learners expectation”. Build in survey feature in LMS King can also help you in building an effective course; you can add surveys at the end of the course and know the measurements on course effectiveness.



King Products - Advantages of using Joomla Component

Joomla LMS has evolved a lot and during its course of evolution some additional features runs into Joomla. That is one of the major reasons making Joomla popular. As a content management system there is no match to Joomla. But if you are looking to build website, then you need to think different ways to add feature into it. There is some known fact that helps Joomla e-learning website, which you would like to hold for betterment of your client.

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What can the Kings Joomla LMS do for you?

We at Kings Products decided to make an e-learning software system with many features that is easy to use and much affordable compared to other similar LMS products out there. There was a need for a more user friendly platform that is very compatible with Joomla CMS, because Joomla offers the best open source option for our King products to work efficiently. Our innovative new technology provides users with a comprehensive yet user-friendly option for learning management solution. There is no need to worry about functionality or compatibility problems because our veteran programmers and developers have taken their time to ensure that the best possible technical support and customer service is provided to help you succeed.

LMS do for you

Providing quality software system for your e-learning needs have been our watchword over the years, and the raving reviews the product have received from users only point out the fact that we have kept to our words. The extensions provided are there to help you navigate through the setup and management of your e-learning portal. As a subject matter expert or a learning management professional, you need to stick with only the learning management solution that guarantees optimal performance and assures you great features.

This is the whole essence of Kings Joomla LMS: to provide an excellent learning management system backed by world class maintenance and support team to guide you all the way to your dream e-learning portal.

You can’t possibly come across another LMS product with such great features that delivers more than it promises. Although we have highly efficient software, we know it takes more than quality software to help you succeed in the e-learning environment. That is why we are readily available whenever you need us to help you fashion out the best design, configuration, and maintenance for your learning management project. Our support team will offer guide and advice to ensure that your e-learning portal is up and running in no time.

But if you are well versed and knowledgeable in the installation of LMS products, then our Kings product has all the features you need to set up a comprehensive and sophisticated portal.  That is why we have integrated the software into the Joomla CMS to enhance its capability and efficiency. Our products are available in four different strata: The lite version (free trial version), basic version, intermediate version, and profession version (the most sophisticated version).


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