Joomla LMS Introduces Some Special features for a perfect e-learning experience

Joomla eLearning LMS began operation in 2006. It was developed by a group of experienced content management professionals who worked basically in the e-learning unit of Joomla. Today, Joomla LMS King is focused on e-learning support, maintenance, and development of all e-learning systems based on Joomla. There are mostly four divisions of employees in any LMS developing unit. The first unit of employees focuses on improving and maintaining high quality services for the system. The second division is charged with the responsibility of integrating Joomla services and developing custom made solutions targeted to meet clients learning and teaching demands. The third unit comprises of the support team while the final division is the marketing and sales unit.  


With more than 1000 customer base spread across 34 countries of the world, Joomla eLearning LMS King is gradually becoming the mainstay in learning management systems.
There is now a new update to its learning management systems. Joomla LMS can now be integrated with all editions of Joomla CMS, which includes several other functional improvements. There is new and improved SCORM compatibility. There are features such as forum integration, latest edition of Community Builder, compatibility fixes. Moreover, it is open source software.  
Kings Joomla eLearning LMS comes in free trial version, standard version, and pro version.   The price of the pro version depends on the number of additional features tailored for specific needs.  
*          global question pool;
*          Advanced user management
*          Custom user roles and permissions
*          Advanced reporting
*          High priority support
For those who want to try out the product before committing themselves financially, there a demo site which is available for users.
This integrated system is perfect for educational institutions. It can handle several tasks simultaneously such as media management, file sharing, chat, emails, and other aspects of managing E-learning applications.
It is now very easy to perform user profile management, track time, import features, and manage wizards with no difficulty. With its Joomla 3 compatibility, experts in various fields can easily develop courses and training materials for their learners. There is no longer a barrier to E-learning as LMS king has breached that barrier with the introduction of the most comprehensive, yet user friendly learning management system. It provides an excellent platform for educators and learners to meet online and create discussion classes.  

The New Kings Joomla LMS and what it can do for you

The idea behind Joomla LMS was to provide a learning management system which was non-existent.  It was introduced to provide Joomla modules, extensions, and components. Today, the system is seen by many as the number one learning management system online for corporate organizations and educational organizations.

The New Joomla LMS King and what it can do for you 

Apart from the standard LMS features such as   Discussion, Joomla eLearning LMS offers the following features:
*          Integrated subscriptions module, utilized for selling paid courses over the internet
*          Course Statistics: This is used to keep track of the number of times learners make use of a particular course. Each course contains statistics report with information such as tools/areas that are used in the course and the most active users. This statistics can be broken down to individual groups/students.           .
*          Learning Path: This enables the teacher/instructor to organize the course element into structured learning programs, thereby ensuring better comprehension of the material by the student and preventing students from skipping part of the course materials.
*          Live chat tool: It enables the teacher and students come together in one virtual class for interactions and discussions regarding the course. This makes e-learning look like real classroom learning since students can ask questions and get answers to the questions immediately.
*          Custom made authoring tools: (question pool and quiz maker): This enables the teacher create quizzes for the class and preserve a number of questions that can be used in the future for exams.
*          Document management tool: The Joomla eLearning Doc. Management tool helps the teacher create and preserve documents.  .With this, students will not find it too difficult to locate documents that are part of the course they are required to cover.

From the above features, one cannot deny the fact that Joomla eLearning LMS king will satisfy the demands of educational institutions that require a well structured learning management system.
Apart from educational institutions, business organizations that want their staff to be regularly updated on the current trends in business also have the need for learning management system. Most corporate organizations with branches all over the world will find it very difficult to bring all their staff together for training. In recent developments, members of the workforce are given specific online training tailored to meet the immediate demands for their jobs.

How to work with King’s Joomla’s learning management system

With several years spent on examining the requirements for online education, Joomla eLearning has come up with a very powerful tool that provides answers to several needs of online educators. The new Joomla CMS has been widely used by several organizations because of its surprisingly affordable price, friendly interface, and wide range of features. With this system, the following features are well covered:

*          Ecommerce functionality
*          Advanced reporting and tracking
*          SCORM support
*          Completion certificates
*          Collaboration whiteboard
*          Multilanguage support
*          Flexible course management
*          Easy to use and award winning Joomla CMS

With King’s Joomla eLearning, you can administer the whole process of managing content and creating customized eLearning portals for your users. These whole features have been made possible by highly experienced eLearning developers who have put in several years of research to come up with the highly effective LMS. It is perfect for non-technicians because the entire management process has been made simple. In addition, users who prefer more advanced features have nothing to worry about because it is equally integrated with complex features that can be properly utilized by technical people.

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Taking into account of customers’ feedbacks and suggestions, conducting e-learning researches, and being in the e-learning market for several years’ only means that Joomla eLearning LMS developers really know what they are doing.  But what are those features that make kings LMS stand out among other learning management systems?

Front end dashboards

Intuitive students’ dashboard allows students to easily navigate through their courses and view their scores and course history. They can also create or edit prerequisites and do many more things.

The integration of Shopping Cart
You can offer subscription fee for your courses and payment will be handled swiftly. Registration fees and payment schedules are integrated in the package.
You can also create and issue you own certificates to students after successful completion of the course. All you need to do is upload them to LMS and students will be able to print out their custom certificates upon approval by you. The LMS also allows a wide range of question types for students.
There are even questions available to make learning very interesting. You can break the questions into multiple segments, allowing for easy comprehension by the students. The sections for quizzes can be chronologically arranged or organized in a way that the quizzes will be easy to read and follow.

Another excellent feature of the Joomla eLearning LMS is the immediate result feedback. After the quiz has been submitted, students can be able to view the feedback of their performance within a very short time. There is even provision for you to let the students know which questions they got right, which ones they failed and give them corrections. This will get them more ready in case you want them to retake the quiz.
There is also a provision for result feedback where students can be able to review their performance and course history from their own dashboard. From this dashboard, students will be able to retake their exams and print their certificates when they pass.
These and many more features are what make King’s Joomla eLearning LMS the top rated learning management system on the internet. No wonder several educational institutions and corporate bodies are making it their first choice system for the training and development of their students and staffs.

What are the benefits of Joomla LMS in e-learning?

The cyber age has brought with it a lot of transformation regarding how people interact with each other. It is now very common to find people in different geographic locations interact with one another while they are sitting comfortably in their homes. In the same vane, education has been carried along in this recent development. People no longer have to travel long distances in search of education. Everything they need to acquire the required education has been provided through online interface. Even business organizations have taken the advantage of new technology to reach out to customers and clients through interactive sessions - a feat which was not possible in the past. Now, there are graduate programs and professional trainings available online. Classes are held and discussions among class members are carried out with ease. All these are made possible using the latest web applications.

What are the benefits of Joomla LMS in e-learning

And one e-learning application that will always come to mind when we talk about learning management systems is the Kings Joomla eLearning LMS. It is regarded as the top learning management system within the World Wide Web. It provides awesome features that improve the overall efficiency of your e-learning website. Below are some of the benefits of incorporating the Joomla eLearning LMS  into your website:

It is flexible: It is open source software that enables users customize their features whenever they want. This means that users can edit the functionality in their website, which provides custom website functionality.

Economically Affordable: You can download the free basic version free of charge, and the only cost consideration will be the cost of added module development. This will only be necessary if you want a high performing website with a boost..

Provides the best e-learning module: The Joomla eLearning LMS software for e-learning is a top-class software utilized by many for efficiency in e-learning. Many organizations and educational institutions have already adopted this software module. What is amazing about Joomla LMS is its user-friendly nature. Users don’t have to be program experts to create and edit interactive learning modules with this software. Despite its simplicity, it is equally suitable for more advanced e-learning projects. If you are looking to develop a complex e-learning website, Joomla e-learning LMS has all the tools to help you succeed. With its multi-lingual support mechanism, users can develop specific courses in different languages to meet the needs of their learners from diverse geographical locations. No wonder many educational institutions are utilizing this software to prevent any language barrier to learning from their overseas students.

Payments integration
With the Joomla LMS, users can be able to accept payments for the offered study materials and courses through a secured payment system. Instructors and educational institutions can accept payments and administer training lessons using the Kings LMS software.
Students will be able to download study materials from your e-learning website at any time. With all these features, there are good proofs that Joomla eLearning LMS is the most comprehensive e-learning system utilized by learners across the national boundaries of the world.

Joomla LMS King: A world Class Learning management system for today’s learners

In the past, learners and educators do not have the privilege of interacting with each other online using effective and equally affordable medium. But that setback is no more. With the kings Joomla eLearning LMS, you now have a full featured, yet affordable learning management system within reach of niche content publishing industries, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and educational institutions. With the integration of LMS King, Joomla CMS, and JomSocial community, there is now a low cost ownership e-learning system that works effectively for everyone.


The Joomla LMS platform can be achieved using King LMS, a complete packaged system that can be properly integrated with Joomla 3.x version and offered at a significantly affordable price.

One major problem users face with any learning management platform is the difficulty of setting up everything and maintaining the wizard. But with LMS King, everything has been simplified even for the non-technical people. Its user-friendly wizard will guide you through the set up process, giving you ample time to focus on your e-learning and certification. 
Each capabilities and features should be properly matched with the learning needs of your organization. However, Kings Joomla eLearning LMS is perfect if you require institutional level performance, SCORM compliance, and rich feature sets. They can equally be utilized for simple applications.

With this powerful software, you can easily build blended learning communities. E-learning with LMS King will enable you expand your reach of learning groups all over the world by providing custom made community building features through JomSocial in a single integrated platform. With thousands of top notch template designs and more   Joomla extensions at your disposal, you will be able to grow your learning base as your needs increase over time.

How about e-learning with SCORM compliance?

Learning with SCORM has never been easier with the powerful all purpose LMS King. In fact, it was specifically designed to enable you leverage SCORM-compliant content. This enables you reuse content development for training. It also makes things more flexible for you to share content from other learning programs and systems in the LMS.
Learning management system and e-learning software should provide students with easy management and tracking of their training content. Although some e-learning software have this feature, most of them do not have social networking compatibility. But Joomla eLearning LMS     designed with comprehensive tracking capabilities that can be specifically adjusted for the social needs of the learner.

Providing Support and Professional Services
Kings LMS ensure that you get all the support you need regarding the type of learning management system that is perfect for your organization. Once the strategy map for your organization has been assessed, they will help you identify the best process and solution for implementation. They will be there all the way to ensure that your learning management project is up and running without any hitches on the way. These are the benefits you can only derive from a world class team of experts who are focused on ensuring that your e-learning system does all you want it to do.


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