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When it comes to e-learning, using the most effective software application should be a priority. This is particularly important for those who don’t have technical skills. It is better to learn using the most complete package with friendly user-interface. But most e-learning software are either too complex for the beginners or inefficient. However, with the introduction of the Kings Joomla Learning Management System, this void has been bridged. If you are looking for the most robust and complete e-learning software solution, here are the reasons why you may want to consider Kings Joomla LMS.


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1. A wide array of extensions available
These are more extensions you can choose from, and most of them are developed specifically for e-learning.  In the package, there are charts, graphs, libraries, surveys, and quizzes, which are all available for effecting teaching.

2. Free download of basic version:

Unlike other applications, basic version is free to download from the website. The design and development of kings Joomla is being handled by volunteers who are constantly working hard to improve the functionality of the software management system. They help out at events, create templates, write manuals and develop extensions. These developers perform these roles on a regular basis. This is why some extensions and components are issued absolutely free without any additional charges.

3.Constant Update

With the constant update of the Joomla LMS, you will never be kept in the loop when any change is made. Joomla regularly updates its platforms in order to carry everybody along when new features are added. Kings Joomla Learning management system has both free and paid LMS.  The fee type depends on several factors, including eLearning standards, LMS business orientation, installation type, source code availability, support services, and other features. This means that you have the liberty to choose the features you need.

4. Social learning benefits

Learning has gone beyond classroom system. With the interactive e-learning package for Kings Joomla Learning management system, users can interact and associate with their colleague by sharing their progress on social profiles. The users can build communities and include different social features. This is very important because it is easier to locate and interact with someone on facebook and other social networks than finding the person outside the classroom. Learners also use Facebook messenger more often than phone books.  This has been integrated into LMS King to enable learners easily communicate with each other and share ideas together.

5. Flexibility
Kings Joomla Learning Management System is an open source package it is easily customized and the user can add as many components, plugins, or modules as needed to improve website functionality. There are no limits to the number of content features or users at a particular time.

The above list is not yet exhausted. There are several other reasons why today learners prefer the simplicity and efficiency of learning with the most powerful e-learning solution in the e-learning environment.

Four must have features in your Kings LMS

When you are in a search for LMS, it is basic to look in, out and all around all alternatives, features, and gimmicks accessible. Essential LMS options rely on upon your particular framework necessities.

LMS choices are turning into a havoc. Preceding picking any LMS, you must be guaranteed it does at any the things we are about to mention. If not, your course will confront more unnecessary hardships as you will inexorably run into problems.

While choosing from Kings joomla LMS there are different version you can select your best choice from, you ought to guarantee that your decision has these peculiarities (at least) – it will save you a lot of time with your course administration and conveyance needs:

Administration – This incorporates the amount people in charge for the course management and the number of options and features accessible to you – such as following and reporting, administration of the course material, warnings, single sign-on, API, and so on...

Reports and Evaluation – There are various distinctive approaches to track your LMS information inside Kings joomla LMS. With these helping features, guide improvement by means of learning paths, send out student information, make continuous reports, and timeouts when you spot inactivity.

Assessment & Testing Tools – Kings LMS frameworks have an online exam protocols with different testing devices. A couple of peculiarities that may be a reward when choosing this software are inquiry features and randomization, obliged responses, and self-evaluation.

Course Interactivity – Levels of intuitiveness can fluctuate among Kings joomla LMS versions. Simple and interactive options that may be vital when opting for Kings LMS are: SCORM presentations, assignments and interactive charts.

Interestingly, when it comes to customer satisfaction researches, with Kings LMS you can pick the best financial arrangement for you relying upon yours client dynamics, and characteristics you require.

We guarantee our clients are euphoric by conveying Kings LMS that is adaptable enough to help. Be that as it may don't take our pledge for it, you can attempt it out for yourself by joining our forum or just read a research endeavor on Kings LMS, made by clients. In the event that you need to know all the more about it drop us a mail using our customer help feature!

Why organizations prefer Joomla CMS for Learning Management System?


Learning Management system is in demand since years, there was always a search for powerful content management system (CMS). When you are setting up a new website there are many factors you need to consider, starting form platform, designing, domain name, hosting etc. From the above the most important one being platform. The decision of choosing a right platform should not be taken lightly. Apart from these there some other factors like cost, time, and flexibility.
There is a famous saying “The Land and the sky meets at the horizon” same in case of Joomla! It is one of trusted in the millions and including corporates, because it meets the needs.
There will always be a debate on the better CMS between Joomla and WordPress, but the excellence remains with Joomla! Joomla learning management system (LMS) platform can be easily be developed with the help of Joomla extensions like LMS king, Guru, Connect LMS. Joomla CMS runs smoothly on most webservers without any problems. It doesn’t require lot of technical expertise like Drupal and it is loaded with lots of Plug-ins, more then 6500+ extensions are just waiting for you.

Top learning management systems and customer reviews
1. LMS King – Joomla LMS king is the best know open source for Joomla LMS! It comes with all the extensions which you would require for building a successful LMS in Joomla. This version is compatible with Joomla 3.1 and above. Due to its popularity it has come up with elite version, which is offered free of cost to customers. The professional version will cost around $129 (including the discount offered). Apart from this you can easily setup payment gateways with its inbuilt plugins; it covers all known payment gateways. This version is completely compatible with ‘Joomla 3’.


2. Joomdle – Do you require Single Sign On. It can provide SSO ID trough one of its plugins. Easily integrates with Joomla and creates consolidated user database. But you cannot use ‘Joomsocial’ with the updated Joomdle version. Few common errors are also reported by the Joomdle user are “Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet.” And “SMTP Error! Could not connect to SMTP host”.


3. Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition – Silver edition is a paid edition, provides solution for selling access to training content. Once payment is confirmed you can set up number of days the course to be accessed. Supports native versions of ‘Joomla’ like 1.5 and 2.5 but not the latest version.


4. Grovo – ‘Grovo’ teaches trough videos and is follows ‘Grovo’ micro-learning methodology. It delivers training via video lessons. There are approximately 5000 video lessons to teach from. It has got basically three version ‘Individual’, ‘Business’, ’Enterprise’ for setting-up learning solutions. Individual version is free of cost and can cover 1,000 video lessons.
Building successful E-Learning solutions has never been so easy without the help of the above extensions. All learning management systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is totally dependent on your LMS requirement.


How Kings Joomla LMS equips you for creating better e-learning system

Kings Joomla LMS is the Learning Management System you wished you have utilized the last time you attempted to make a learning project.
Whether it’s the blast of web based colleges, or individuals' basic dependence on the World Wide Web, web learning —of various sorts – is the new standard, and if organizations aren't prepared to keep up, they have no decision however but to fall behind.


At King Products, we're determined to help organizations and associations of all kinds and sizes to step unquestionably into the future of web learning, giving pragmatic answers for old fashioned works on, and helping them stay ahead.


Our LMS permits you to design the format of your course with your own particular customized content and pictures. We've made online tests simpler than any other time. You can immediately make evaluated or rehearse tests with the click of a fingertip. We permit you a total control over your visual design. You can change everything from the textual style, size, shade, pictures, and even include liveliness.

How Kings Joomla LMS equips you for creating better e-learning system

Make. Train. Test.
With our web learning framework you can make compelling presentations, online tests creating and simple to-utilize courses and outline the characteristics you are fond of. At the point when e-learning systems first appeared designers didn't comprehend client engagement, and thusly, clients didn't comprehend the product's pertinence or reasonability.
With LMS King, we've taken years of advancement, refined it, and made a framework that really profits both the client and the manager. 

Completely Integrated Learning
Our LMS permits incorporation of preparing features, pictures, Pdf's to help you streamline your procedure and proficiently prepare your students in a manner that bodes well for your aims.
While there are a lot of companies in the same business, we know that no two associations or organizations are the same, and that implies that you require an e-learning program that is extraordinarily customized to your needs—not only your industry's. While cross-platform learning could be befuddling, incoherent, and wasteful, our Joomla platform makes it bound together and brings the best of what you want on your table, and presents it in a straightforward, streamlined, simple to-utilize way. 

Useful Software Solutions
Our very adaptable learning system is an incredible decision for anybody expecting to make and convey (and even offer) internet courses & E-learning programs.
Since users have such differing needs, we made an answer that accomplishes more than simply consolidate your thoughts into a decent stage: the unbelievably adaptable e-learning program is intended to a down to earth fit for your needs, instead of a confused framework that obliges redesigning of your current foundation.

Other internet learning programming results might be slow, unhelpful, and eventually don't create what they guarantee. This is frequently most obvious in their testing techniques. Is it less demanding than it ever had been in the past to make a test, however they are constructed around the material you need them to be, in a manner that can positively captivate with the students.
The force is in your grasp: on the grounds that our product is so natural to coordinate and modify, testing could be a great deal more customized, adroit, and captivating with the material. Our testing results are turned out to be fit for the material than LMS software of the past. Make dynamic tests, give space for more thorough testing, and get demonstrated outcomes that last longer.

How to develop a standardized e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS

In view of their expanding significance in the course of the most recent century specialized and modern improvement, standards have as of late been getting huge consideration from history specialists and different researchers in a field engineering. A large number of the subjects and lessons distinguished in verifiable and hypothetical investigations of models apply to e-learning standardizations also. Both generally and practically in e-learning, standards could be seen as ways to encode work relations -whether this work is physical or intellectually significant in character: the selection of standard may disentangle a few parts of a framework while making an interest for more labor somewhere else.

standardized e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS



Kings Joomla LMS product was composed starting from the earliest stage to effectively follow trends of the most cutting edge Learning Management Systems (LMS). Courses can be distributed in norms-conformant framework, such as AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Our engineering additionally gives gimmicks to advancement of your test standards.

King Joomla LMS has all the force and adaptability required to make and oversee institutionalized tests like the TOEIC, JLPT or the PMP certificates, thanks to numerous questioner models such as:

Numerous Choices – the client may pick the right reply from a few decisions so as to breeze through the test

Fill-in-the-Blanks – the client taking the test, inquiry, or exam must fill in the clear field with a right reply

Different Answers –the client must pick all the right replies, as there is more than one

Yes or No –the client replies with basic positive or negative replies to these double inquiries

Drop-Down Answers –the client picks replies from a drop-down rundown

Short Answer – the client's response to the inquiry needs to be pertinent and short

Matching – the client needs to match one inquiry segment with an alternate so as to answer effectively

Depending on a product version, different types of test questions and test models can be conducted, but one of the main conditions for a standardized learning system is the ending certificate. For certificate purposes, we strongly recommend you purchase a professional one, because Our Kings Joomla LMS  system has a huge range of reports that are available to administrators:

  • Certification Path Users
  • Certification Path Lessons
  • Certification Path Courses

So you can easily devlop a standardized and trustworthy e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS.


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