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Build An Effective E-Learning Module with Joomla LMS King Professional


LMS king professional is a cost effective technology professionally tailored to electrify modern Learning management solution. This extension is designed keeping in view extensive needs of Joomla website. You can experience whole new world of support and management that is often missing in other LMS solutions. LMS king is easy to install, you can tune and drive it to a perfect LMS module. With LMS King Professional distance learning becomes as easy as ABC.

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Learn Everything with LMS Intermediate

What is LMS Intermediate

As the name suggests LMS Intermediate is an intermediate version of Kings Learning Management System comprising of not all, but some of its extensions like components, modules, plug-ins etc, which are fully integrated into the LMS.

Designed to work on the Joomla 3.1 version and above, this is an excellent eLearning platform for starters as well as those who want to hone their existing skills. It integrates almost everything you would ever ask for, right from taking tests to giving online presentations and taking part in quizzes, it has them all.

Different kinds of extensions available:

The extensions are tools, which enable the users to perform their work with ease and increased efficiency. These tools are not available with the free version of LMS. The extensions include:


  • Efficient Media Manager with customer support
  • Feedback facility to question and get the answers
  • A dedicated Forum for all round discussion

System Plug-ins

  • User Statistics Reporting plug-in to keep a track of user statistics
  • Course related plug-in known as Courses plug-in
  • Integrated Buy Now plug-in to buy the paid version


  • It has a Learning Center module access of which is not restricted to anyone
  • My Certification Paths module
  • Course Finder module to find a course you want and intend to learn

To pursue LMS Intermediate course you need not be a computer expert or a software engineer. Basic knowledge of computer will do and in some cases, even basics can be learned while learning this course. Such is the simplicity with which this course in designed you are sure to become a LMS KING for sure. There are no complicated menus, sub-menus or any complex instructions. Unlike other software in the market, everything in LMS Intermediate is formulated in a very user friendly and easy-to follow manner.  

Tests, Tests, Tests!

Three patterns of tests are available as of now. All of them are conventional patterns with a modern touch given.

  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Presentations

…and many questions:

  • Multiple Choice Questions whereby the user needs to select correct answer from the list of provided choices
  • Fill-ups - The user must manually type their answers in the blank space
  • Multiple Response - The user has the option to select more than one answer if applicable to the question
  • True/False - A Binary format where the user needs to select between yes or no
  • Matching - The user must match the questions in a column with the correct answer in other column
  • Essay - The user can type a long response to the presented question. A teacher or assistant will mark these types of questions manually. Alternatively, the user can upload a document in response
  • Numeric - This is a mathematical type question where the user must type in the correct answer

The above tells the simplicity is the approach of LMS Intermediate, which is created solely to help each and every aspirant.

Joomla LMS Kings Installation instructions in a nut shell.

Joomla LMS king’ is known to be the KING of open source ‘Joomla LMS’! It is specially tailored to work on Joomla 2.5, 3x and above. Owing to popularity and overwhelming customer response, ‘Joomla LMS’! has released a FREE lite version with limited functionality, where user can evaluate and buy. If you are looking for an open source ‘Joomla LMS’ (Learning Management Service), then ‘LMS King’ is the best! It provides ‘easy to navigate’ window. This system is equipped with everything required to work on Joomla platform, starting from online testing, exam, presentations and quizzes. You can choose the available extensions that suites your need.

How to download and use the extension?

LMS King Professional is the full product with all 7 extensions.

  • Quiz
  • Exam
  • Surver Designing
  • Easy Presentation preparation
  • SCORM Compatibility
  • E-mail Messaging system
  • Alternative Profile system (If you aren't using Joomla Social)

Go to the website and create an account by free sign-up to experience the power of LMS king. Once successfully signed up, go to the product download page. Select LMS Kings Professional and add it your cart. Use the promo code “OpeningSale” to avail discount of $220 and select payment method that suits best. Once purchases are made, proceed to “My download” under “My Account” to add and register your domain where you are going to use the extension. Please not do not use http:// ,WWW or special character to register your domain. Click on save, within a few minutes the product key will pop-up on the screen and download the component. The download component comes in a Zip format. Unzip and upload it to your directory. Do not forget to click “click here” that will upload the default option components and other user permissions. Now enter the license key which you already have received while registration. Under the LMS Plugin you will find a box asking for License key. Once the license key is entered, click on validate. Within few minutes the default questions will start appearing on your screen, click on each item in green stating “Install” to make all your extensions workable.
If you are missing on something, you can refer to this video tutorial. Investing in LMS King Professional is the value worth for money.

Know Your LMS Kings


Are You Worried about E-Learning, Is your team excited about training?

LMS kings Professional version is an end-to end customized training solution for all your training needs in Joomla platform, which delivers best in class solution in the short amount of time. It comes with all the required extensions and plugins for Joomla version 3.1 and above. You need not have to be an expert in programming. LMS Kings Professional is equipped with built-in wizard to create Quiz, Exam, Presentation, Survey and SCORM, which can guide you to make best presentation or an e-learning module.

Best Know Features of LMS King Over other Joomla extensions.
•    A Simplified and easy to use navigation window.
•    Allows user to generate reports easily.
•    Advanced feature been added in surveys with open end and closed end questions.
•    Provides different support to different roles.
      a)    Teachers – Can make some changes to some part of the administrative template.
      b)    Students – Would be the learners so they can only have access to front end of the software.
      c)    Assistant – Will have limited access for manual marking in front end.
      d)    Administrator – Will have complete access over the software, and system settings.
•    Flexibility in managing courses, LMS Kings Professional is best known for its examination preparation ability. It can prepare 18 different types of questions.
•    Advanced reporting and tracking system with a robust assessment tool that allows testing and reporting options.

General LMS King Comparisons

LMS King Lite FREE – Featured with Quiz and Exam preparation system and comes with all extensions, but with no support. Ability to create 3 types of questions only.
LMS King Basic – An extra mile been added to LMS Kings Lite Free, ability to create different questions like multiple choice, Fill up the blanks, Multiple Response, Yes/No, Drop-down List, Short Answer, Matching. But has only one learning center module.
LMS King Intermediate – Can prepare Quiz, Exam and presentation, packed with different extensions like Components, System Plugins and Modules.
LMS King Professional – Contains all Joomla extensions, which get fully integrated into the LMS. Powered with add in features like
•    Test Type – Quiz, Exam, Presentation, Surveys and SCORM.
•    Questions – 18 different types, with more in development.
•    Reports – Certification Path Reports, Time Spent Reports, User Reports and many more.
•    Extensions- Components, System Plugins and Modules.
•    Payment –  Built in with 28 different sets of payment gateways to choose from  like, Pay Pal, World pay and offline.

Requirement and system set-ups
Like all other web based application LMS King professional also requires internet connection and browser all the time. It supports all the know browsers like IE8, Firefox and Google Chrome. Just need to ensure Java scripts and cookies are enabled in the browser.


Most Effective Extensions of Kings Professional Joomla LMS

Kings professional Joomla based learning management system is at the core of any e-Learning portal. It enables easy customization of the website as per ones requirements. Management of the e-Learning portal also gets facilitated by various extensions embedded within this professional Joomla LMS.

Media Manager: With the help of the media manager extension you can rename and reorder the images and videos easily. Image mobility between different folders also gets enhanced. Simply move the images within the folders in few easy steps.

Feedback: Timely feedback is the crux of any e-Learning course. Kings Professional Joomla LMS has an extension to provide all tools to take feedback from students. Based on their suggestions you can update your course which will eventually help in increasing future enrollments.

This extension provides information about people who have given feedback, their emails, content of feedback and any uploaded files

Forum: An in-built forum extension promotes interaction among students and teachers. Learners can brainstorm, exchange ideas and have a constructive discussion. Participants can easily upload articles and images.

Teachers can also be a part of it and create threads and edit them. One can easily change the forum description as well.

The forum can be customized. You may include captcha, RSS, smiles and several other features. The forum extension allows you to control thirteen aspects of the forum by simply selecting the yes or no option as the case may be.

Profile: Kings Professional Joomla LMS has a profile extension which includes a list of profile and options to manage it. You may publish, delete or edit a profile. Profile search can be done on the basis of names.

The edit feature of profile extension permit you to change profile information like name, forms and decide whether to publish or not. The field information of profile has multiple fields, including but not limited to student id, international student and degree. With the field manager you can enable or disable them.

Translators: Students who are not familiar with the language of instruction can count on the translator. It provides support in all the popular languages. Now, language will not be a barrier anymore.

File sharing: The file sharing extension of Professional Joomla LMS allows learners and teachers to share files among themselves. You can make your file public or restrict it with access protection functionality and prohibit any unwanted access.

Messaging: A course without effective communication is not impactful. Without any interaction students struggle to learn. Keeping this in mind the developers of Professional Joomla LMS have included a messaging system within the LMS. Learners can easily exchange messages with the advanced communication tools.

Admin can set the rules for message exchange and customize the messaging functionality. You control all the features of messaging. So keep it a simple platform to exchange text or permit smiles and avatars. The choice is yours.

Chat: These days an e-Learning website is incomplete without a chat functionality. Kings Professional Joomla based LMS offers chat extensions wherein everyone can exchange their viewpoints. It can also be a virtual hangout spot for students where they can freely chit chat about whatever they feel like.

The chat feature can be accessed when online. You don’t have to download a separate software for it. It can be opened by simply clicking on the chat window from the main menu.
In total, the Kings professional Joomla LMS has all the features that make it one of the leading Joomla learning management system.


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