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Success Strategy For Online Education Courses


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Millions of students enroll in online education every year and various distance learning programs. The amazing response of online students inspired colleges like MIT to launch online college and is the backbone of the MOOCs. However, the total number of students who successfully complete their online education is just a fraction of the students who enroll in them.

The genuine satisfaction of an educator and to be really successful in your online education business, it is important that you help your online students finish their education.

Kings-Joomla LMS Insight: “Instead of pulling students to finish online courses, make your online education addictive. Make students come and bring in their friends along.”


In the meanwhile, here is the Success Strategy For Online Education Courses


1.     Welcome them personally: Well beginning is half done – right? Well then, welcome them to the online course with enthusiasm. If possible, do it in person else, at least make an orientation video that provides a clear strategy to sail through the course successfully. Ensure that you provide

  • Tour of the course
  • Tour of the technology
  • Specific features that help them
  • Procedures that must be complied with
  • Ample of resources to help them

right in the “welcome document” which they must be asked to bookmark.

2.     Give them a platform to bond and communicate. Encourage topics that must be researched. If possible, divided them in groups or communities. Give them individual challenges as well as group challenges to throw in some competition. Do give them pace and time for self-study.

3.    Help online students cultivate the time-management routine.people-circle

4.   Provide your online students writing assistance. If possible, help them by checking the draft before grading the assignments. Help them with writing tools; a simple tutorial can be good enough. Since the online students are from everywhere, they might not all be so good at English.

5.   Send reminders and help them stick to the schedule of the course. Be a positive motivator and do not discourage the students who wander away.

stick-figure6.   Technology is an important aspect of online education. Most students take online courses to learn about tools and technology that can help them get ahead in their career. This is a sure positive motivator.

7.     Help them develop rubrics.

8.     Give them time to come to you for help. Organize doubt and problem solving sessions. That is a great plus; otherwise, there are videos on YouTube too.dotcom

9.    Apart from the Learning management system, get them to come up with their own blogs. Encourage the groups to comment on others’ blogs and embed in all in the assignments. A flourishing blog is a positive motivator.

10.  Track their progress via your LMS and keep them personally updated about their place in the competition. Encourage them to improve their scores, just one-step at a time.


11.  Celebrate the spirit of online education and help them cultivate the spirit of online education as well.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your students sore. Help them remain on track and finish their learning. Participate in the community and take tips from what your online students as well as other online educators feel.



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