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The New Kings Joomla LMS and what it can do for you

The idea behind Joomla LMS was to provide a learning management system which was non-existent.  It was introduced to provide Joomla modules, extensions, and components. Today, the system is seen by many as the number one learning management system online for corporate organizations and educational organizations.

The New Joomla LMS King and what it can do for you 

Apart from the standard LMS features such as   Discussion, Joomla eLearning LMS offers the following features:
*          Integrated subscriptions module, utilized for selling paid courses over the internet
*          Course Statistics: This is used to keep track of the number of times learners make use of a particular course. Each course contains statistics report with information such as tools/areas that are used in the course and the most active users. This statistics can be broken down to individual groups/students.           .
*          Learning Path: This enables the teacher/instructor to organize the course element into structured learning programs, thereby ensuring better comprehension of the material by the student and preventing students from skipping part of the course materials.
*          Live chat tool: It enables the teacher and students come together in one virtual class for interactions and discussions regarding the course. This makes e-learning look like real classroom learning since students can ask questions and get answers to the questions immediately.
*          Custom made authoring tools: (question pool and quiz maker): This enables the teacher create quizzes for the class and preserve a number of questions that can be used in the future for exams.
*          Document management tool: The Joomla eLearning Doc. Management tool helps the teacher create and preserve documents.  .With this, students will not find it too difficult to locate documents that are part of the course they are required to cover.

From the above features, one cannot deny the fact that Joomla eLearning LMS king will satisfy the demands of educational institutions that require a well structured learning management system.
Apart from educational institutions, business organizations that want their staff to be regularly updated on the current trends in business also have the need for learning management system. Most corporate organizations with branches all over the world will find it very difficult to bring all their staff together for training. In recent developments, members of the workforce are given specific online training tailored to meet the immediate demands for their jobs.


Joomla LMS
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