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The Online Education Trends for 2015


The Online Education Trends for 2015

The US and the UK governments have formulated and are vigorously implementing the laws to embed technology with education and infuse online education in K12 curriculum. Neither elementary nor higher education sectors have remained unaffected by the impact of the online education and online courses.

IT has “Information” as its primary objective followed by the “Technology.” “Information” also happens to be the primary source of education and the first resort of power. With the competition going global, all industries, especially education are transforming at an alarming speed. The online courses and online classes have brought in a lot of relief to the home school students.

If you believe that online education is limited to online schools and online college education, you must refresh your facts


Are you amazed by these facts? Let us proceed further and explore what are the major trends that are driving the online education in 2015


1.    The Smartphones:Not just online school and online college education have gone mobile but the schools are even getting ready for high end ‘Bring your own device” combinations. Well, not limitedto schooleducation, Smartphones are for everyone. Thus, you (as an online course creator) must ensure that your learning is responsive and Smartphone compliant.

2.    Result oriented education:One of the main drawbacks of crafting online education from scratch is that focus shifts from result oriented education to the course content and ease of delivery. Choose your learning management system wisely. A learning management system will not only help you achieve result oriented online education, but also will maintain records for future reference. Embed spontaneous questions, quiz and activities with real life synchronization to keep your students interested as you make them learned and not just educated.

3.    Content Engagement:Everyone is offering education can you offer something better? The fact is that most people irrespective of the students or the employees are there to educate themselves so that they can get a job or get a promotion. When you create your online education, define the sole motto of your online course as “learning” and not educating. The content and engagement must be able to provide the learner an amazing learning experience via content that engages.

4.    Visual effects: Make sure that there are ample of videos. Visual effects and videos that mingle the real life examples, is the need of the hour. In 2015 and in future, the videos that engage and explain will survive the race and rise to the top.

5.    Be precise:Do not unnecessarily keep repeating the same explanation again and again. Be precise and concise. Let the learning last for 5 minutes, but those five minutes must be pure education. Summarize your learning, always.

Most organizations do not stop after creating just one online education course with LMS Kings Joomla LMS. It is the value for money deal and is the future. The trends are yet evolving and we hope to see you aboard. Do not wait too long and do not miss the bus!



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