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Learning management system is an efficient tool that is helping educational institutions and organizations to impart development, training, and track progress of employees and students. It is imperative to choose an appropriate solution that fits the goals of the organization. Any wrong decision or move will result in serious complications that take a toll on the entire learning program. There was a time when organizations carried out the training and development programs without the use of a learning management system. The days are now long gone as education is now digitally available across business and educational settings.

A crowded place

The market of learning management system is a crowded place. New products are available each day with new features integrated into the system. They make the LMS unique and attractive. However, the system is capable of handling both the learner as well as the administrator. The foundation on which an LMS functions defines the stability, reliability, and profitability of an organization. The definition of the learning management system is different for every organization as the priority of the features change according to the requirement. It is one thing that is difficult to answer, and many providers are struggling to deal with the difficulty. Overcoming is only possible while working with the system and through the phase of developing the management system.

WordPress as the answer

Every organization or an institute has a different need with an LMS. A few institutions require it to conduct internal training, a few for training in large numbers to the external crowd, and a few to sell courses on personal site. Educational institutions use the system in the classrooms. Each of these divisions has further classifications based on a set of unique feature requirements. It is because of the subdivisions that the WordPress makes a fruitful foundation for learning management system. The two compelling reasons why it is the best is - WordPress is easily expandable, and WordPress is easily customizable.

The first benefit in WordPress is its ability to expand. Plug-ins are available extensively that make it easy for an organization to add preferred feature. It not only helps them promoting a healthy learning experience but also reduces the time required for expanding the management system. There is no point in re-inventing the features when they are readily available in the market. The availability of extensive features gives the possibility to grow the platform according to the organizational needs.

As there are several plugins for every requirement, WordPress equally gives the benefit of customizing to the maximum potential. WordPress has several developers across the globe. It is possible to hire a freelancer to develop a new feature as required by the organization. The process is suitable only one company finds it difficult to search for an appropriate plug-in.

WordPress gives the freedom to expand and customize enormously. A prepackaged solution makes it difficult for expansion. Institutions that would like to have complete control over the learning management system will benefit by choosing WordPress as the foundation, which in turn helps in building a successful LMS as needed.


Joomla LMS
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