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Value of Using Joomla in eLearning courses

There are many CMS (content management systems) out there, but Joomla is currently the most popular choice in the realms of education. There are several good reasons why there is so much popularity to this CMS, all of which will be presented in this article. Whether you’re considering joining the Joomla eLearning revolution or you’re looking to refine your understanding of the possibilities afforded by this powerful tool, there is something here to help you.


Joomla is Open Source

As an Open Source software package, Joomla is free to get started with. The latest version can be downloaded from the official website and once it’s deployed into a web server you can immediately begin creating content. Joomla is expandable through modules that provide added functionalities; some of these are free while others are commercial solutions meant for advanced use – in which case they will usually be worth the cost.

Simple to learn, flexible to use

Joomla is very intuitive and does not require advanced technical skills. Anyone can learn how to get it up and running within a few hours, even without prior experience or advanced technical skills. It’s extremely flexible and versatile, allowing for multiple configurations and looks. Once you’ve installed it, you just have to focus on creating the actual content rather than worry with technical aspects. If you ever want to change the look of your resources, it can be done instantly with the click of a button, without interfering with the content already published. This is the biggest value of a CMS: it makes it really simple to add new functionalities or change visual aspects without wasting time or losing focus of that which really matters in terms of education: the learning materials and content.

Feature unique LMS King

Not only does Joomla make it very easy to create and publish content on-line, it features something that sets it apart from the remaining CMS packages: a learning management system calledLMS, which was conceived specifically to facilitate the development of learning courses and even allows importing courses developed with other platforms. Joomla LMS King is simply one of the most affordable and intuitive platforms that allows educators to publish and managed their eLearning courses.

E-Commerce compliant

Joomla LMS King can be easily integrated with e-commerce platforms, which means it makes it possible to accept payments and sell e-courses via secure payment platforms. Since it also allows exporting previews and doing product showcases, this makes it easy to combine free learning materials with paid add-ons meant for advanced learning.

Allows content exporting

While eLearning courses are meant to be taken on-line, Joomla LMS King allows exporting content easily as PDF, txt or doc. This can be very useful for further reference or study, and adds to the versatility of your eLearning materials.

Trustworthy and reliable

While the features listed above are certainly alluring, the key strength of Joomla LMS is being absolutely trustworthy and reliable. Millions of learning institutions have been using this software solution for years, which means you can confidently jump on board without worrying about potential stability issues or shortcomings.

Joomla LMS
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