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Todays Special. LMS King Professional verison $39.99

Why is there so much fuss about the Joomla King Products?

LMS King is renowned as the most powerful and flexible content management system available online. With its simplicity, LMS King Clients are guaranteed that the solution is in constant development and would not be left with degraded or outdated performance or software.  Joomla LMS King has been built to accommodate the latest Joomla-3 server which utilizes every feature to produce a flexible and highly scalable solution delivered through a user friendly framework.

With the all purpose and comprehensive LMS King, learning management system has been made easy. King products understands that not everyone who wants to build an efficient e-learning system have web development knowledge. In view of this, we have designed the perfect product in LMS King, tailored to meet the needs of this group of people and also powerful to be utilized by IT experts.  King Joomla LMS has the most robust features, including user profile management, time tracking, import features, and setup wizards, built into a user-friendly interface.

It is e-learning course software that delivers even more than it promises. Before now, people looking to create a learning management system have been made to use overly complex or underpowered pieces LMS products that lead to prohibitive cost or ineffective solution.

But today with the introduction of LMS King, the indelible e-learning environment has been changed for good.  Anyone can develop some of the well-crafted and feature rich e-learner experience with the click of the mouse. This has been made possible by the feature rich King Joomla LMS.

To meet the varied and extensive demands of those that want to build learning management systems, the LMS King has different levels of features packaged into three versions, including professional, intermediate and basic levels. The basic version of the product offers a wide array of options for developing and customizing learning experience. Although this version offers lesser features than other versions, it still remains a strong learning management package.

The intermediate version is designed to provide a more sophisticated medium for users who want something more complex and more flexibility to enhance their learning experience. The third version of the LMS King is the most robust version specifically tailored to meet the needs of those looking for the most comprehensive solution. The LMS King professional has all the features of both the basic and intermediate versions and lot more. It was designed to meet the most challenging requirements of a complex e-Learning project.


Joomla LMS
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