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Why organizations prefer Joomla CMS for Learning Management System?


Learning Management system is in demand since years, there was always a search for powerful content management system (CMS). When you are setting up a new website there are many factors you need to consider, starting form platform, designing, domain name, hosting etc. From the above the most important one being platform. The decision of choosing a right platform should not be taken lightly. Apart from these there some other factors like cost, time, and flexibility.
There is a famous saying “The Land and the sky meets at the horizon” same in case of Joomla! It is one of trusted in the millions and including corporates, because it meets the needs.
There will always be a debate on the better CMS between Joomla and WordPress, but the excellence remains with Joomla! Joomla learning management system (LMS) platform can be easily be developed with the help of Joomla extensions like LMS king, Guru, Connect LMS. Joomla CMS runs smoothly on most webservers without any problems. It doesn’t require lot of technical expertise like Drupal and it is loaded with lots of Plug-ins, more then 6500+ extensions are just waiting for you.

Top learning management systems and customer reviews
1. LMS King – Joomla LMS king is the best know open source for Joomla LMS! It comes with all the extensions which you would require for building a successful LMS in Joomla. This version is compatible with Joomla 3.1 and above. Due to its popularity it has come up with elite version, which is offered free of cost to customers. The professional version will cost around $129 (including the discount offered). Apart from this you can easily setup payment gateways with its inbuilt plugins; it covers all known payment gateways. This version is completely compatible with ‘Joomla 3’.


2. Joomdle – Do you require Single Sign On. It can provide SSO ID trough one of its plugins. Easily integrates with Joomla and creates consolidated user database. But you cannot use ‘Joomsocial’ with the updated Joomdle version. Few common errors are also reported by the Joomdle user are “Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet.” And “SMTP Error! Could not connect to SMTP host”.


3. Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition – Silver edition is a paid edition, provides solution for selling access to training content. Once payment is confirmed you can set up number of days the course to be accessed. Supports native versions of ‘Joomla’ like 1.5 and 2.5 but not the latest version.


4. Grovo – ‘Grovo’ teaches trough videos and is follows ‘Grovo’ micro-learning methodology. It delivers training via video lessons. There are approximately 5000 video lessons to teach from. It has got basically three version ‘Individual’, ‘Business’, ’Enterprise’ for setting-up learning solutions. Individual version is free of cost and can cover 1,000 video lessons.
Building successful E-Learning solutions has never been so easy without the help of the above extensions. All learning management systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is totally dependent on your LMS requirement.



Joomla LMS
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