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Does LMS King allow embedded video from another site as presentation material

Q. Does LMS King allow embedded video from another site as presentation material?  For example, if we wanted all our videos to served by Vimeo can we link them in LMS to play within the course?

A. Currently No. But it does support Youtube videos. However, now that Vimeo has come to my attention, I'll investigate adding it. I am also going to investigate moving the code for replacing HTML tags for the videos and other items Eg: {youtube}KJHHgj768jgjhg{/youtube} into a plugin system so that we can add any number of tags and our plugins will simple parse and replace the content.


Does LMS King integrate with Virtuemart

Q. Does LMS King integrate with Virtuemart so that users can purchase using the cart system that I already have to sell my other products.


A. At the current time, Virtuemart does not work on Jooml 3.1+ so in short the answer is No.  But when it is released, we will be investigating the possability of this.

How do I add a module to a particular course?

Q. How do I add a module to a particular course?

A. The Certification path contains Courses, The courses contain Lessons, the lessons contain questions.

How do I add media content type lessons

How do I add a lesson that:

  • contains only media (video, audio, document, file, link);
  • contains only text;
  • contains media and text;


A. This would be a Text only type question. OR if all the pages in the lesson are for presentation only, then create the lesson as a Presentation type instead of an Exam type. Presentation type expects no inputs from the users.

You can add HTML code using various Editor plugins, but our system has 2 editor buttons, 1 is for the fileshare component, where you can add a link to a file that you have uploaded to the site and set the access permissions on it as to who can access the file.

The other is for adding amazon widgets and youtube videos.

Invalid Google Translator API Key Detected

To translate LMS king to another language, it is easiest to use our built in translator.

Donating your translated and checked langage files for other users would be much appreciated.

Go to the Extensions Tab.

On the left, you will see the installed extensions.

Under Translator, you will see a menu item, Config.

Select it.

In the page that opens, enter your Google Translate API key, which you can generate here:


  • Go to this page and click the Create Project button.
  • Enter the name for your project.

Once saved, you will see a table with all your google projects listed.

Click the name of the project that you just created to open it's pages.

On the left, you will now see the Credentials page.

Here, you can generate the keys that you will need to use.

You can test your new key using this url:



What reports are available
In the reports section, we have alot of different reports.
Scroll down and click the reports section. You can see the entire list of reports available.
How does lesson weighting work?

If you are having problems understanding why the system is only showing you getting a score other than the 100% grade that you think you should have gotten, then it's most likely that you've configured lesson weighting.

So, lets explain a little about how lesson weighting works.

It is a complicated system, so you should really understand it before you try to use it.

Did you watch the powerpoint that explains how it works?

Here is a link to a powerpoint explaining the weighting system.

 Now, for a working example of how weighting works.

A Lesson(exam) has a pass mark. It doesn’t have weighting.

A course has weighting and this is what you used for the lessons inside it.

If a course has a pass mark of 50% then the student must get a total of 50% result from the sum of the results of the lessons inside the course.

So, if a course had 2 lessons a and b

If a had a pass % of 80% and b had a pass % of 40

Firstly, the student would need to get 80 and 40 respectively in these lessons to even trigger the further calculations for completing the course successfully.

So, if a student gets the 80% and 40% exactly (for this example) we then go further to see what % of that result is going to be used in calculating the result for the course.

So, if we give lesson (a) a weighting of 10% and lesson (b) a weighting of 90%, then 10% of 80% and 90% of 40% would be added to get the total mark for the course.

In this example, lesson (a) contributes 10% of 80 = 8% and lesson (b) contributes 90% of 40 = 36%

So, in the end, the student gets on the course a result of 44%

NOTE: There is no pass mark for a course because to pass the course, the student must pass each of the lessons. However, as you can see, because of the weighting, this student would pass with a low score.

The process can be compounded even further, if your Certification path were to have more than one course in it. And each Course had a weighting assigned to it.


Getting an error when adding a scorm module in admin imsmanifest.xml not found

If you get the error manifest file not found when you are adding scorm modules, check the upload_max_filesize setting in your php configuration.

It will most likely be 2M which means that you can only add files of 2mb

In the administrator folder add the following line to your php.ini

upload_max_filesize = 10M

This will allow you to upload a 10mb scorm module.

If php.ini files don't work on your server, then contact your hosting service to change this setting or use the appropriate commands in the .htaccess file.

Why aren't my videos showing? all I see is the youtube tag for the allvideos plugin.
Make sure you use the JCE editor.
It's the best.
The TinyMCE editor, when you save, modifies the tags from {youtube} to {<em>youtube</em>} which of course will break the allvideos content plugin.
How to add users to the system.
  There are many ways to ad users to the system.
They can manually registere themselves via joomla, Jomsocial, communityBuilder, Easy Social, the methods are limitless.
You as admin can import the users into the system too.
The users once logged in, can go to the purchase Certification Paths page and if the CP is Free, they just click ADD. If it's paid, they click Pay and go through the checkout process.
Also, in the admin area, you can go to the CP manager page, edit the CP, and then select the users you want to add to the CP.
A feature that we recently added to the CP edit page is that you can select a GROUP of users and add them.
So, that means, if you have users from one company, you create a joomla user group and import them into it.
Then when you edit the CP that you want that group of users to use, you simply select that group, then select all the users in that specific group.
In this way, you can setup groups per company or school, so that they each have access to a different CP.
How do I set file storage and default location?

Q. How do I set file storage and default location?

A. You set the locations in the admin of the Media Manager extension that you can find in the Extensions tab of the component.These settings will effect all of our components EXCEPT the storage location of SCORM files.

How to create a certification path with scorm module in less than 5 minutes.

Q. How canI quickly create a certification path for a SCORM module.

A. Lets start from the beginning.

1. Go to the start tab and Click the Open Create link in the left menu.

Then select the Creation Wizard.

2. Fillout the lesson details form and ensure that you select the Lesson Type as SCORM.

faq scorm 1


3. Select select your category. If the list is empty, click the button to add a category and you will see a popup where you can dynamically add the new category.

faq scorm 2


4. Select the Teacher and asistant for the lesson. If these users haven't been created yet, then you can click the Create links to the right of the input fields. This will open the user manager in a new tab of your browser where you can create the new user account.  Ensure that you go to the Second tab and assign the new user to the correct group. IE Teachers or Assistants.

When you have saved the user accounts. Come back to the wizard and click the refresh link.

Now select your teacher and Assistant for the new lesson.

faq scorm 3


5. If you have the feedback component installed and configured, you can select a feedback form where the student can use to provide feedback about the lesson once completed.  This is not a required field. It is optional.

faq scorm 4

Click Next to go to the next page of the Wizard.

On Step 2 of the wizard, you will see the configuration page for the lesson.

This page controlls how the lesson will appear and when.

In SCORM lessons, many of the fields here will have no effect, so are unnecessary.

The field "Pass Marks %" is needed for reporting purposes and calculating succesful completion of the lesson.

With this field filled out, you can continue to the next Step of the wizard.

On the next step, again, most fields have no effect on a SCORM lesson.

If you want to provide the student with a certificate on completion of this ONE lesson, then here you can select a pre uploaded certificate that they will be awarded on completion.

faq scorm 5


Continue to the next step of the wizard.

This is the final step for SCORM lessons.

Here you are creating the certification path that will be first visible in the front end.

Please note that the Server is in a different timezone, the Certification Path may not show immediately, so you will need to take this into account when selecting the Start Date.  To be sure, if you want the Certificaiton path to show immediately so that you can test it, then select yesterdays date as the start date.

The Cost field is how much the user will pay to access the Certification Path. If you set it as 0.00 then it will show as Free in the front end.faq scorm 6

On this page, you need to select FINISH.

Once you are finished, you will be taken to the Lesson Content tab where you can upload your scorm module.

faq scorm 7

Once you have saved this, you should immediately see your lesson in the Front end of the site as available for purchase.

faq scorm 8


Can I randomly pull 35 questions out of the 70 in the lesson?


They have an exam that contains 70 questions, but they want the exam to randomly pull 35 questions out of the 70 questions created. Does this tool accommodate this type of function?
In the lesson configuration, we have an option called Blocks.
What you do,is you change the ordering of your questions and group the similar questions all together.
You then Select the similar ones, and use the options to create a block of questions.
Here, you can specify how many questions from the block will be displayed and the point value for them.
Be sure to set the question ordering before you create your blocks. It can be tedious to remove a block then re order the questions and add the block again, with the new question added.
The questions will show in the order specified in the ordering.


How does the manual Marking system work?

In the images below I have mapped out the steps that both the student and teacher will take during the process.




















I am seeing Not Authorized message in the front end when trying to access the LMS

If you are seeing the Not Authorized message when trying to access parts of ANY Joomla extension, then you need to set the permissions for that page in the Options of the component.

In this example, we are having problems accessing the following items from the front end when not logged in:


  • Certification Paths
  • Purchase Certification Path 



So, Log into the admin area of the component.

Open ANY component (in Joomla 3.x) and select the LMS King component (or whichever you are having problems accessing) on the left hand side.

In Joomla 2.5 open the Specific component.

Here you will see the reason we are seeing this message.


To fix this we simply select the Inherited selector and change it to Granted and save.

Now you can accss the Options in the front end.  However, this specic problem has been resolved in version of LMS King and onwards.


How to create Teachers and Assistants

How do you add a teacher or assistant in Joomla LMS KING?

You can do it from the creation wizard as you create your content.

Or, you can go to the Joomla user manager and add the new user, on the permissions tab, add the user to the Teachers or Assistants group.

These groups would have been created during install.

How to add images to Presentations?

To add an image to a presentation or text type question is simple.

It is best done using the JCE editor in the joomla system as it allows you to upload and browse for your images.

Firstly, create a presentation type lesson, or an exam then add a text type question.


When you open the lesson content tab for a presentation type lesson, you will only see the text type question as default.

Here, add your Slide title, then in the wysiwyg editor area, on the toolbar of JCE, select the insert image button.


Browse and select the image you want to insert.


Thats it.

Then in the front end, users can see the image as below.


How many steps will they go through using your extension?


When a user comes to our site to sign up for an exam, we want to make this a seamless process. How many steps will they go through using your extension to do the following: Select an exam on the main Training page to go right into the exam?
Once the user has registered on yoru site, through whatever means you take. The process is very simple... but let me give you some pre setup info first.
With the LMS system, you can create menu items containing links to any number of different certification paths. So, for example, if you have users in "Joomla user Group A" that you want to see only a select selection of Certification Paths, then you setup the menu item and set the joomla permissions for the menu item to Group A in the permissions setting.  This way, only users that are assigned to the Group A joomla group will see the menu item and hence only they will see the Certification Paths that you want them to.
If you are going to create the users your self or via some import functionality, you should be able to find a way to add them to the group. Other than that, if the user is registering manually themselves on the site then this process itself is not linked to the LMS in any way.
Once the user is registered, they will select a menu item that you set up where they will see the set of Certification Paths that you make available to them.
If the Certification paths are FREE, they will see the word Free and and add button.
If the Certification paths have a price, then they will see the price, and a selector so that the user can choose which payment method to choose from.
Additionally, if they have a promocode, and you've configured the Certification Path to allow a promocode, then they will also see the promocode input field.
The user makes their payment via paypal for example and is returned to the site where they will now see a menu item that will link them to "Their Purchased Certification Paths". You can create this menu or use our Learning Center module.
When the payment is marked as Successful, the user is added to the Joomla Students user Group.
The process is very quick.  I'm just very long winded trying to carefully explain it without any confusion.
When the user clicks on the My Certification Paths menu item, they will see their purchases.
They can then click on the Cerrification path, then Course, and Click the Start Lesson link.
You can see and test all of this on our demo site.
If you would like access to test this, please let me know.


How to I add a new lesson to an existing Certification Path?

Q. How to I add a new lesson to an existing Certification Path?

A.  Well firstly you sholdn't modify a course that has already started and students have already responded to lessons. You can corrupt data.

You should clear all the user data for that Certification path first.

To add a new lesson, you can go to the Manage tab, in the Lesson Manager and add a new lesson from there.

Alternatively you can go to the creation wizard and add the lesson there. However, it's advisable to use the manage tab.

Once you have added your new lesson, you should activate it.

You can activate it via the selector to the right of the tabs.

How to I add youtube videos to the lesson content?

In order to add videos to the content of the LMS, you need to install and publish the allvideos plugin from here:


You can use the plugin to easily embed videos hosted on popular services like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo (and many more) inside your Joomla! articles (content items). Additionally, it allows you to playback almost any video/audio filetype directly from your server or a remote server, giving you the competitive edge when it comes to rich media content.

{ youtube}heu37ej3qs{/youtube}, { flv}batman_darknight {/flv} or { mp3}pixies_bonemachine{/mp3}.

All of the supported systems can be found on the above page too.

How to I enable the payment system in LMS King?

To enable the payment system in LMS King, you should follow these steps.

1. Install the Payment plugin that you need to use.

If you have the lite version, Payment plugins won't work. If you have the Professional version, please just email us and tell us which payment plugin you want from our list of completed ones and we'll email it to you.



2. Publish and configure the payment plugin.(Use the filter to select the lmsgateways group)


3. Edit your Certification Path and set a price greater than 0.00


4. Now, on the Purchase Certification Paths page, you will see the selector for payment processor.


In Manage Certification Paths, status says Warning

If you are having problems determining why your Certification Paths are not visible in the front end then you should go to the Certification Paths manager in the admin area.


Mouseover the Warning message and you will see our hidden diagnostics checker.

This image tells me that there is a lesson unpublished.

So, lets go to lesson manager and see it's configuration.

Select the lesson in question and click the configure button.

This will take you to the configure page.


As you can see here, When creating the lesson itself, the option to Make the exam visible was not selected.

This is the option for publishing the Lesson itself.

Check the Option and Save.

Now in the Certification Paths Manager, we can see the Certification Path is Visible in the front of the site.






How do I download my extensions?

To download your extensions, simply log into our site and click the My Downloads link on the My Account menu.


How do I edit my questions once I've added them.

Q. How do I edit my questions once I have added them.

A. On the Lesson Content tab, this is where you create your questions.

If you scroll down, you will see in the footer section of the page, ALL of the questions in that currently selected lesson.

faq edit questions

If you click on the icon in the second colum, you will see a context menu. Here you can select Edit.  Once selected, the question will appear in the main area above for editing.


What is the easiest way to get started with LMS King

Q. What is the quickest way to get started with LMS King.

A. With our creation wizard, you can get started in as little as 10 minutes.

The lesson wizard works in reverse to how people picture the structure of the Course system. Unfortunately it seems that we will need to rewrite the wizard and add a couple of new ones in order to resolve this.

Currently, the wizard creates the Lesson, then the course, then the certification path and then you can put the lessons inside it.

The reason for doing this was that it allows you to exit at any of three stages and your lesson, lesson with Course, Certification path with course and lesson, will be created.

Because people seem to be having a little difficulty getting their mind around this, we've decided to break it down into 3 smaller wizards.

One to create a certification path, course and lesson as it is now.

One to create a course.

One to create a lesson and add questions to it.

However, doing this, does negate the reason for actually having the wizard in the first place.

Do you have to already have students and then select them to take a course that you're creating?

There are two methods for adding students to the Certification Paths.
1) The students can add themselves to the certification path from the front end from the Purchase Certification paths page.
2) You can add them manually.
It's preferrable by many admins, that you go through the wizard and create your content and test it.
Then you go to the certification path manager, clear all the user data for that certification path.
Then you put all the users into the students group, then edit the certification path and select all your students.
Now all your students have access to the Certification Path.

How do you get certificates to be awarded?

These are the main points for certificates:
1. Lesson types must be exam/quiz
2. For all questions 'point' value is a must
3. All courses must assign certificates
4. CP also must assign Certificates
5. Each Lesson pass % must be assigned in lesson config.

How to change the order of lessons in a course

In order to change the order in which your lessons show, please follow these instructions.

Firstly make sure that no users have purchased access to the Certification Path. To do this, go to the Certification Path manager page, select the certification path that contains your lesson, then click the Clear User data button at the top of the page.

If somone has access to it, then you cannot change the order for database integrity reasons.


Step 1: See the Lesson order in the front end.


Step 2: Go to Course Manager and select Manage Lessons



Step 3: Change the lesson order by clicking on the arrows.



Step 4: See the new order in the front end after refresh.



How do I install my new LMS component?

The LMS Professional version contains between 18 and 20 Joomla extensions.

We have had to break it up into 2 sperate packages.

First install Pack 1 and then Pack 2.

When downloading them from our site, you will recieve a single file with _UNZIP_FIRST.zip at the end of the filename.

Unzip this first. Then install the packages of extensions.

Once installed, you can publish and position the modules that you want and publish the plugins that you need.

You can also see our turotials section for more info.

NOTE: When installing, Please click the link to make the final permissions changes.


Can we use Guest Checkout so that the user doesn't have to register?


Does the user have to go through an account setup registration process for payment or can they perform a guest checkout similar to our other shopping cart tool for our products?
There is NO guest checkout because the LMS has to record the results for the student.


How do I log out of the site?

There is no need to log out of the site.

When your session expires or you clear your browser cookies, you will be logged out of the site.

Alternatively, you can select Logout from the My Account menu.

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