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Build An Effective E-Learning Module with Joomla LMS King Professional


LMS king professional is a cost effective technology professionally tailored to electrify modern Learning management solution. This extension is designed keeping in view extensive needs of Joomla website. You can experience whole new world of support and management that is often missing in other LMS solutions. LMS king is easy to install, you can tune and drive it to a perfect LMS module. With LMS King Professional distance learning becomes as easy as ABC.


What Else You can expect from Joomla LMS King Professional

  •  Create learning modules rich with multimedia, and easy to understand.
  •  Immediately create different modules with wizards.
  •  Create an E-Learning solution with LMS king and save up to 65% on travel expenses.
  •  Quick load of module, can be accessed from anywhere of the world.

Comparison between LMS King Professional And other LMS solutions


Better Configurability in your website - LMS king professional can deploy better educational needs that can configure quickly and efficiently that will answer all your specific business needs. Easy to configure feature makes it vital for your e-learning business and training needs.


Featuring Rich Technology - Lack of interactive course students will find it difficult to learn. Joomla King Professional is a perfect learning management solution to build a blended learning community with rich content that inspire and motivate users to learn more. LMS king professional offers flexible framework that delivers wide range of content type like SCORM.


Time Saving - LMS is King is cost effective and easy to handle, gets your system up and running in few clicks. Stay ahead of your competitor with a tool that responds faster and better to your demand.


Lower Cost to the Ownership - Leverage the all new LMS King Professional that will dramatically reduce investment cost in technology. LMS King provides features and scalability for success.


Easy File sharing - Easy file sharing option allows teachers and students to share views. You can share a file to public or restrict to specific users. Administrator can set rules for message exchange and can even customize its functionality.


Better Support - LMS King is known for its best customer support. Constant updates will keep your business well up and running. At LMS king you will experience a better support a team of professional is always there to help you out.












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