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Joomla has grown its popularity recently due its CMS and availability of free extensions, which can help you to do almost everything with the CMS. So due to its popularity, it’s no wonder that hackers continue to find innovative ideas to get access to your website. Joomla Learning module service is centered e-Learning software. Joomla programmers and thinkers have put lot of efforts to check the security vulnerabilities to make a successful and secure open source CMS system. But it is always important to put additional measures to secure your e-Learning website.
Data security is very important nowadays. Millions of websites are been hacked each day and been blacklisted, losing reputation and search engine rankings. In additions to these, it can cause financial losses too. That’s the reason security measures has been so important in Joomla world. Keeping that in mind, here are the preventive ways strengthening the Joomla website security.

How can you protect your Joomla Website?

1. Consider on Servers and Hosting – Hosting and Server selection is one of the most crucial decisions to be made. Shared servers can have open ports, which can an easily be hacked from another site of shared servers. For better security always host your Joomla site on servers which runs on PHP 5.2 and more and ensure that runs latest Apache version.

2. Enable and disable htaccess file – To enable an additional layer of security, always remember to rename your “htaccess.txt” and place it in root folder with re-write rules to check exploits.

3. Users and Permissions – After installation of Joomla, default administrator user name is “admin”. Always remember to change the same and make it difficult for hackers to guess the admin user name. Joomla woks perfectly if configuration is done properly in the webserver ensure that nothing is set to 777 in configuration.php.

4. Back-up your website – Always consider for “back-up”, so if you fall victim or your site is hacked. There is a chance of restoring everything with the help of back-ups which you have created earlier. Moreover “back-up” helps to restore without significant data loss.

5. Update – Latest and stable version of Joomla, not only help to fix the bugs. But also fix security vulnerabilities and protect your website from hackers. Always consider updating your Joomla website with latest security and patches.

The above mentioned tips will surely help you to secure your website from hackers and secure you from unforeseen circumstances and financial losses.



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