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Are You Worried about E-Learning, Is your team excited about training?

LMS kings Professional version is an end-to end customized training solution for all your training needs in Joomla platform, which delivers best in class solution in the short amount of time. It comes with all the required extensions and plugins for Joomla version 3.1 and above. You need not have to be an expert in programming. LMS Kings Professional is equipped with built-in wizard to create Quiz, Exam, Presentation, Survey and SCORM, which can guide you to make best presentation or an e-learning module.

Best Know Features of LMS King Over other Joomla extensions.
•    A Simplified and easy to use navigation window.
•    Allows user to generate reports easily.
•    Advanced feature been added in surveys with open end and closed end questions.
•    Provides different support to different roles.
      a)    Teachers – Can make some changes to some part of the administrative template.
      b)    Students – Would be the learners so they can only have access to front end of the software.
      c)    Assistant – Will have limited access for manual marking in front end.
      d)    Administrator – Will have complete access over the software, and system settings.
•    Flexibility in managing courses, LMS Kings Professional is best known for its examination preparation ability. It can prepare 18 different types of questions.
•    Advanced reporting and tracking system with a robust assessment tool that allows testing and reporting options.

General LMS King Comparisons

LMS King Lite FREE – Featured with Quiz and Exam preparation system and comes with all extensions, but with no support. Ability to create 3 types of questions only.
LMS King Basic – An extra mile been added to LMS Kings Lite Free, ability to create different questions like multiple choice, Fill up the blanks, Multiple Response, Yes/No, Drop-down List, Short Answer, Matching. But has only one learning center module.
LMS King Intermediate – Can prepare Quiz, Exam and presentation, packed with different extensions like Components, System Plugins and Modules.
LMS King Professional – Contains all Joomla extensions, which get fully integrated into the LMS. Powered with add in features like
•    Test Type – Quiz, Exam, Presentation, Surveys and SCORM.
•    Questions – 18 different types, with more in development.
•    Reports – Certification Path Reports, Time Spent Reports, User Reports and many more.
•    Extensions- Components, System Plugins and Modules.
•    Payment –  Built in with 28 different sets of payment gateways to choose from  like, Pay Pal, World pay and offline.

Requirement and system set-ups
Like all other web based application LMS King professional also requires internet connection and browser all the time. It supports all the know browsers like IE8, Firefox and Google Chrome. Just need to ensure Java scripts and cookies are enabled in the browser.



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