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The endless possibilities of the King Joomla LMS Professional

The King Joomla LMS professional is the most comprehensive King Product. It is intended for professionals who want to take their e-learning portal to greater heights. King LMS Joomla eLearning professional over-delivers, which explains why there is so much demand for it. With this product, users are given a wide range of options regarding tools, features, and components that will help them build a very successful learning management interface. There is also a wide range of reports that are available to business administrators. These include Certification Part Reports (certification part courses, certification path lessons, and certification part users) and Time Spend Reports which include;

  • Completed Course
  • Completed Exam
  • Completed Lesson
  • Most Active Users
  • Received Certificate
  • Registered Users
  • Started Lesson
  • Students Enrolled

There are also User Reports, lesson reports, Users Completed Exams, Course instances, question analysis, exam reports, and system reports. Other reports you can find in the King LMS Professional include; certification reports, feedback reports, Participation Report, Transcript Report, Transaction report, Disk usage Report, and Forum Report.
The certification reports comprises of the following information;
* Search for certificate using its key
* checking for certificates that will expire
* Users with certificates for certification path
* Users who acquired certificates in the field of study
* Users that acquired certification for the certification path.

Special Components of the King LMS Joomla eLearning professional
The professional version contains all the components required to create an excellent e-learning system. These components include feedback, media manager, chat, messaging, profile, forum, Fileshare, and translator.

There are system pluggins available as well. They include Flashsharing editor plugin, User statistics reporting plugin, Amazon Associates/YouTube editor plug-in, Buy Now Plug-in, Messaging plugin, and Courses Plugin.

The software also has a wide range of modules tailored to meet your e-learning needs, including Learning Center Module, My Certification path module, Profile search module, chat module, Profile links module, and course finder modules.

With all these features, anyone can be able to design a top notch e-learning website. Although installation and managing of LMK king is pretty straightforward, we also render professional assistance to help you scale through any setup difficulties you may have on the way. Online training and education has taken a new dimension, and with a product such as the King Joomla LMS, you are certainly going to be ahead of your competitors in this industry.


Joomla LMS
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